Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eme's Video

I wanted to open up the blog to post the site where I have posted Eme's Video.
The plan was always to close up shop after the video was completed, but I just never had the time to sort through the thousands of photos until recently.
It was truly a labor of love and I wanted to share it with all you,
and traveled to China to bring our sweet girl home.
Thank you for being a part of the journey~


Joanne said...

What a wonderful surprise to see your video of your sweet girl! I loved it...hope all is well with you and your beautiful family :)

Santefe said...

So happy I checked back - what a beautiful video - many smiles and tears. I miss your blog and am very happy that Eme has adjusted so well - she is truly beautiful. Happy Holidays

Sue E from IL

Alyson and Ford said...

Just checking in too, after a long time. Hope all is well. Have a great summer! If I can see your new blog, you can send me an email from my blog.
Aren't they growing up so fast!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Sherri said...

Me too...I"m so happy I checked back. Had your blog in my favorties for a long time and i'm just coming across it once again. I LOVED your video, your children are ALL beautiful. I'm so happy for you!

Our turn is coming up soon...LID 8-8-06

Sherri from Fl