Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Bullets

My 4 all their glory. Eme & Jaylee enjoying a wagon ride.
Eme loves Jaylee, Jaylee is still a little uncertain who that ball of fire screaming "HI" when she comes running. It's funny to watch. But she's the only other 'little girl' on our street and Eme just seems to connect to her. Maybe it's because she is surrounded by all boys;0)

The Daddy's with their girls.

*This blogging thing is hard to do for some reason. I don't enjoy it like I used to and that kinda sucks cause I really did love it. I love going back on the old blog and looking at the pictures and remembering the life that has been lived. I wish I could get my grove on again. It especially blows that all my homegirls have closed up shop.

*The sassy snotty pain in the ass snowbirds are back.
I really can't stand them. The only benefit of their presence is that they are filling the restaurants and giving business to those that need to make the money on them. They are rude as can be, they clog the roads and not a single one of them can drive worth a shit. I've witnessed several wrecks already and one was a real doozy. They turned out in their big oversized Cadillac and headed south on the northbound lane. They took out about 5 cars. Really, just because the sun is shining, doesn't make them better drivers. I only wish they would realize that for themselves.
We call them ORF's in our home.

*We took the kids to the Zoo today and Eme loved the monkeys. She now keeps looking up at every tree for a monkey to be in it. We watched the whole animal show and the only animal that Eme really loved was the dog. Go figure.

*People, if you are wearing white pants/shorts or skirts do the public a favor and LOOK IN THE MIRROR BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME. I'm just sayin'. & I'll also throw in there that there are very few people that can pull off white pants over their buttocks.

*We are FINALLY feeling some fall like temps in the evenings.'s the reward for toughing it out all summer long.

*I love the way my girl will put her face in yours and open her mouth wide & stick her tongue out real far if she thinks you have something in your mouth. Naturally she wants to know, she's curious like that.

*C is finishing up his last golf tournament today. I'm glad he loved playing for his school this year. His golf coach is his teachers husband from last year that we loved. When we first met him he said, "So this is the C that made my wife start drinking." LOL! I chimed back with a
"& his Mama too!"

*Have I mentioned my dislike for snowbirds? Maybe I'm just in a particularly foul mood towards them this year. Not sure why I'm feeling so hateful, except maybe it's that my snowbird pain in the ass old BOD neighbor is back with all her warm fuzzies. You remember the one, the one that has threatened lawsuits over our boat and then turns around and sends a congratulations on your daughter card. Bipolar? Yeah. We are way past congratulatory remarks toward each other.

*My husband wants to put a 'House For Sale by Neighbors' sign in their front that wrong?

*Behold the Christmas Louis Vuitton book arrived as a nasty little taunt in my mailbox.
Damn it.

*Ems let me paint her toenails this week. She loved showing off her pink toes to everyone.

*She has also been wearing panties every morning and has only had 1 accident. She loves sitting on the potty and doing her thing. She has since the day we swung by China to pick her up. She couldn't roll over or sit up but by golly she could go to the big girl potty. Which leads me to my question: Where in God's green earth can you find panties to fit the tiniest rear that you could ever imagine? The panties are seriously falling off her.

*My social worker has informed me that our 6 month post placement review is up. Can you believe it? Time flies.

*So sad the Atlanta H0usewives are over, they were such cheap trashy entertainment. Did anyone see Kim's live performance on the after show thing? That was seriously painful to listen to. I can't imagine anybody is downloading it from itunes. But at least Brav0 gives us another set of over the top really entertaining H0usewives to watch.

*I really really really love my girl. She is so much fun to be home with all day. I can't get enough of her little personality. We introduced the 'naughty mat' this week....
Yeah, no fun. It's a whole lotta drama.

*My closet shelves collapsed this week. My dh had the audacity to tell me I had to much shit and needed to get rid of a few things. I sweetly reminded him, as he was repairing the shelf, that it was HIS side of the closet that collapsed, not mine=0)

*We are having a community garage sale soon and though I DESPISE garage sales, I know that the OLD BOD was adamant about our community not being allowed to have them. & every year since our takeover, we have had one. So if I have to drag my living room furniture out to my driveway just to junk it up, I will...just to annoy the ones I loathe most;0)

*I love how Eme holds my Iphone out from her face and says "CHEEEESE"...what a ham.


Kathy said...

Love your blog. our daughter is 3 and a half and is very tiny, 21 pounds. I bought her tiny panties at gymboree and at walmart in the 2T size, they are a little big but fit the best.
I totally agree on the snowbirds too. We lived in Orlando for 2 years and had to deal with them plus the tourists, I don't know which ones were worse.

Anonymous said...

Hanna Andersson has xs panties - I think they are a size 80 which they say is smaller than a 2T - Go Eme!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Eme will show Jaylee the ropes...funny how the roles have changed!! Eme just gets cuter and cuter each time I see her pictures!!

Hope you will keep blogging if only just once in awhile. So many stop after they come home, and I agree it has changed from the long wait, but it is so fun to update all the goodness now!! Plus I feel like it does give all those out there waiting some hope that it really does happen!!
I can't wait for Hayden to fit into her converse hi-tops!!

laurie said...

Comments bullet style since I have so much to say and I'm all over:
*Please,please do keep blogging. You post plenty for a busy mom of 4. Pink Velvet is absolutely correct, it gives those of us still waiting hope.
*6 months? Can't believe it!
*It is best if I never ever see a Louis catalog. You Colleen, and Mare already have me in enough trouble with Pandora. BTW, yours is looking pretty full in the pic of you and C. Would love to see which charms you have.
*The Housewives. We watch all of them at our house. Just can't seem to look away.
*Love, love pics of your boys with their little sista. So sweet

Kayce said...

The pic of your kidos is adorable! Glad you guys are all well and loving fall hitting paradise.
Sorry about the snowbirds! ugg!!

Sandra said...

Love seeing all the kids together!
Sorry about us Northerners bothering you ;-)

Polar Bear said...

Love the pictures!
I can't believe it's been six months, WOW!!!

Stay safe with all those snowbirds tooling around down there! :o)

cheekyradish said...

Enjoyed your 'bullets' kind of sounds like I've been feeling lately.

Hope you keep blogging, it's good to see other people 'tell it like it is' on their blog. One question- what does BOD stand for?? Bitches On (my)Drive?

simply t said...

Well, BOD stands for Board of Directors. For those that have followed a long time and came from the old blog they would understand the drama/misery that we endured for 2 years in our gated community before we flipped the controling asshats with a power trip ego the size of Texas out of their position and we now live peacefully. Sorry you missed all the past drama, it was something to behold.

Meg said...

I agree with the hanna andersson suggestion- in their smallest size.....sorry the asshats are back- we just moved from fl to vegas- I don't miss the snowbirds but I've replaced them with a constant flux of visitors who are drunk....yeah me! your kids are beautiful and seem to really be enjoying one another......enjoy fall!

Daisy Dreams said...

Good luck finding panties to fit Eme!! We tried just about all the brands out there and they were all still too big for Vivi's tiny tush. Now at 6 years old, the 2T panties finally fit ;)

Oh....and I love the pic of the four kiddos together!

Kramer said...

I for one am so glad you continue to blog. I always enjoy your stories and love your wonderful spirit! I find it hard to blog too. Thanks for always sharing your family with all of us! Sorry about the snowbirds being back (yuck!) I can't wait to see what you do to make them made this year!

Island Girl said...


Please keep blogging even if all you can do it is once a week. I love your blog. I also love your BOD stories. I hope that Garage sale burtned hten right up!!! Oh and now you should watch the Housewives of New York. I am team Jill on that show.

Thanks for your awesomeness


Debbie said...

seriously .. you are never allowed to close up shop. i love your posts even when you loath it all the most. myself & many others will come picket your front lawn if you ever close up blog. you are keeping us all laughing ... please don't stop! ever.

Shari U said...

Like everyone else, I love your blog. You've got lots to say, you're not afraid of stating your opinion and you're funny as all get out. I hope you keep it up!

Tawni said...

Still laughing about dragging your furniture out on the lawn...

I know what you mean about losing steam on blogging - not that I've been a huge blogger overall - but I realized it's more of a journal for me - I'd much rather type that use a pencil to do it. Even if it's only once in a while...then that's all it is.

Here's to hoping you keep on blogging...:)

Kristi said...

The thing is that blogging should be a fun *scrapbook* and outlet of sorts. Don't feel obligated to blog on a schedule just because you have a lot of blog-fans!! Take breaks; take care of yourself and the *fun* part of blogging will likely reappear!