Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well now, that was a tasty Hall~O~ween

Jaylee, a little unsure of all this ruckus & Emerson, who is completely over it.

W had plans of being a firefighter & then he switched it to a cowboy & then the moment I pulled the old costume bin down, he opted to be a pirate, again.

My girlfriend and her Very sexy Mama!

Because I knew a whole lotta people were coming over and there was going to be a whole lotta commotion, we decided to just stick a sign on Eme to not hold her or kiss her. Yeah, she's charming and completely irresistible, but I didn't want to have to repeatedly explain why this would be unhealthy for her. I'm glad we did it because she would have been smooched to death had we not. So that's what the tag says hanging from her bow.
A classy 'bottle of wine'=0)

Eme & I trick or treating. We started out with all the kids, but Eme's little legs just couldn't compete with all the big kids, so off they went with the other parents and Eme & I took our good old sweet time walking around.

& as tradition goes, the party continued at our house with about 50 neighbors, friends and all their children running around in full costume with a sugar high. The eat'n was real good for us as well. We had a seasoned pork shoulder that had been cooking for 7 hours and beef kabobs with every tasty side and appetizer one could imagine. It was delicious!

*The only pictures I have of my big boys are with all their friends and I don't want to post them no photos of them.


Polar Bear said...

I LOVE E's costume! LOVE it!
R came in while I was looking at your blog and I told him, "that is what Polar Cub is going to be next Halloween!" So, if you don't mind? Where did you find it?

What a GREAT idea with the tag! I am learning so much from you. I really appreciate when you post little tips and tricks you do with E and how you handle situations.

I want to say the pirate is adorable, but I'm afraid he may be getting too old for that, so I'll say he is 'swash-buckling handsome'!! ;o)

Sandra said...

Great pictures and I am loving the tag idea!

Abby's Mom said...

Great pictures! Saw that Em's costume came from TCB? What does that stand for? I can't find it with google. Love it and her in it :)

simply t said...

Sorry, I abbreviated The Children's Place (TCP).

simply t said...

S~It's a hand me down from Mare and I'm certain if Polar Cub is a female, then she won't mind me passing it along to you=0)

3 Peanuts said...

Eme is so cute. That was what Kate wore her first Halloween too. I LOVE that costume!

I go food poisoning last night and have been sick as a DOG but the kids had a great Halloween.

Abby's Mom said...

Thanks :) Now I feel pretty silly :P

Wanda said...

Wow, what a fun neighbourhood you live in. And I love the tag idea on your sweet little ones head.

Debbie said...

Love the tag idea & such great pictures! And, seriously - you look amazing in your mini-skirt! I might just have to order me a juicer:-)

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Cute - & I love Eme's note. Prob more effective than sticking your leg out to create a hug barrier (?) I'll bet you recieved fewer confused looks anyway!

No pics of the pork? Must not have been shaped like the last one . . . ;-)

OziMum said...

E looks gorgeous... yes, she does look a little over it, in the second photo!!! :)

Polar Bear said...

We would LOVE the hand-me down! Thanks!