Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 words & more

Well that was one long a$$ week. I'm exhausted, my immune system is taking a break and I am once again suffering from a sinus infection. Eme has an ear infection, W is suffering from an overdose of kindergarten reality, G is suffering from parental irritation from lack of cell phone use & C is suffering from being trapped in a body that can't comprehend anything you tell him to do the first time. It's been one long week. Daddy is back in town from his trip to GA and we are happily floating through the weekend trying to find just a little bit of sanity in the midst of a very confusing time. & today was game day! We have anticipated our girls first Buckeye football season for a very long time now. She was dressed and ready before I was even out of bed.
Doesn't she look sassy!?!


*My precious neighbors flight plans have been made for their trip to the Philippians to bring Jaylee home. I am so excited to be here for them and watch them experience this journey of a lifetime. Their 3 sons are so excited and my boys are equally as excited for them.
*My girl can not stay out of the dog bowls for the life of her.
*I loathe the old BOD. You'd think they'd disappear after awhile, but no....they are hell bent on making sure that they cause as many problems as they can. I long for the day where I don't remember the names of Maureen, Ken, Sue, Joe & the list goes on & on & on....
Can't they get a life? Can't they enjoy their short time on this earth? Can't they choose to be happy? Can't they let by gones be by gones and go a different path? Must they continue in their negative ways? Gawd I don't get it, but I'm so over them.
*I've decided I'm going to try to make Emerson's bows. I didn't think I'd like the bows, but they are fun. They are her accessory, since she's a tad to young for Pand0ra & Louise.
*Eme didn't quite know how to react to Daddy when he got home from a week of being away. She reached right for him, but then immediately wanted me, where she buried her face in me. It was a back step in their relationship, but I've left her with him several times to go to the gym and she's finding out all over again that he isn't to bad of a guy=0)
*The case I followed for the past 2 weeks ended on Friday. The jury came back with a death penalty of 12-0 to sentence Michael King to death for the kidnap, rape & execution of the young Mom of 2. The justice system worked in the Denise Amber Lee case and even though he was sentenced to death, it is way to kind of a penalty for that jacka$$. I literally sobbed for that family when the verdict was read thinking that they now have justice, but they still don't have their daughter, wife & mother back. I'll just never understand what makes someone think they can just snatch a life from someone.
*My Mom's birthday was Friday...Happy Birthday Mom! We tried to call & sing to you, but your fax machine picked up.?.
*I'm so looking forward to Colleen & family coming to visit next week. I can't stand myself. I've been chilling her wine for 2 weeks now.
I'm truly grateful to my 'honest' friends that like to add humor and reality to my life everyday. Things are difficult right now and I'm thankful you are there. You girls rock.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your newest Buckeye fan is so cute!! Love her jersey:)

Sounds like you have had one really rough week.....Hope this week is better for you, I am sure it will be with friends on the way!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos... Before and after..
AFter is sooo much better..
Sounds like a adventurous week.
Glad your hubby is home..
Have a great week..

Brenda said...

Well there is your Christmas card photo. What could possibly be better??

A Beautiful Mess said...

your boys are wearing jersery's made by the evil empire. How I am supposed to come and visit you when you buy from the enemy.

I will be searching for appropriate size OT sports jersey's...jeez. NIKE...YUCK!

Eme looks the best partially cuz she is being a good girl and wearing an otsports jersey:) smooches!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

That is one cutie patootie buckeye.!! I think you'll do great making her bows. I've made a few of Maddy's. I purchased the bow making directions so if you don't already have them.. I'll share with you if you want them. Just let me know.

O-H-I-O !!! Go Buckeyes!

Polar Bear said...

Love the pictures. I agree the after picture is SO much better. :o)

Dog bowls! I never even thought of that. I have two HUGE water bowls in the kitchen for the pups. They will have to be moved. Right now they are in the hallway that leads from the kitchen to the playroom. Probably not the best place for them. :o)

Pug Mama said...

ok - I don't get the whole college football thang, but your gang sure does look cute!

Colleen said...

Wait... "Louise"? Was that a joke? LOL!

Now that is a friend...chillin my wine for me. Gawd you DO love me huh? Soooo excited...CANNOT wait! H cannot wait to see W. Talks about him everyday.

I'm with Mel, not a college FB fan, but I do loves me some regular FB. Eitherway your kiddo's are rockin the shirts.

See you SOOOONNN!!! Ya "Hillbilly".. " *Snort*

Laura said...

Go Bucks!!!! The kids look adorable in their jerseys and Buckeye necklaces!! Lovin it! What a game too! So glad you're all together for the scarlet and gray this year!