Wednesday, September 9, 2009

short & sweet

*I have zero photos because I'm not taking any.
*I made due on a promise to my teenager and activated my old iPhone to give him. He's now 'official' in the laws of all 8th graders and he loves to text me all morning till he enters school, where he has to turn it off and tuck it away to the minute he gets out of school & walks in the door. I know he's using me to 'look cool', but I'll take his blow by blow texts with excitement and enthusiasm. I'm sure he won't be texting me the low down that the school bus has arrived to pick him up very much long.
*He babysat for the neighbors and made some good $ last night and he did really well. I was very proud of him.
*I'm dragging my family to Orlando tomorrow and the kids can't wait to see their auntie & uncle and we are hitting a park on Friday to join up with Colleen and family....I can't wait.
*This family needs to have fun. There's enough $hit going on down here that I'm asking all company to bring a shovel when they visit. ;0) just keeping it real.
*It's gonna be a fun filled weekend for us all. J is headed to 'The Shoe' to cheer the Buckeyes on this weekend!
*Panic attacks.....yeah, it's a new thang for me. Today I had one while I was running on the treadmill and realized that Friday was 9/11 and I had made plans to do D*sney. J talked me down, but I'm still nervous. I've had several others recently, all while working's the oddest thing. Working out is my stress relief, so why is all this surfacing while doing the thing that makes me feel the best?
*I'm up to 9 1/2 miles Mon-Fri....why do I not look like a super model? Between the mileage and the juicing, I feel better than I've ever felt.
*We used to have a few bunnies that hopped around our yard, now they are everywhere. Those suckers sure do multiply.
*I need a way to keep Ems out of the dog bowls...poor Kita dog, she's yet to eat or drink in peace.
*My fabulous neighbors are flying out this week to bring their daughter, Jaylee, home. She did a call in to a congressional hearing regarding the CDC rules for TB and gave a speech. She just got word today that the CDC plans on changing their laws for international adoption regarding the TB rules. I'm so proud of her for sticking it out this long and working to change this for all the families that follow her.


laurie said...

How sweet is G texting you? Have a great'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

9.5 miles
holy moly

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have a GREAT weekend..

Daniella said...

I love the texting from G - so something my son will be doing. Have a fantastic time this weekend. Sorry about the panic attacks - hope they subside soon. I'm up to over 24 miles of cylcing a day and I'm wondering the same freaking thing! keep on going - that's what I keep telling myself.

cheekyradish said...

So you don't think I'm a wierdo, I ran across your blog, as a result of a friend's China adoption and enjoy your darling daughter's antics and your outlook on life. 9.5 miles- WOW- girl, I'm impressed!!

Daniella said...

oops forgot to add I'm so very very happy for your neighbors finally getting to the end of their long, long road.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

9.5 miles!!! you go girl!!! Why is my juicing not making me run 9 1/2 miles??

Panic attacks....niravam I say!!Hope it gets better...they suck.

Have fun at the house of mouse, that should be some good pictures!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

ok.. as I was reading this.. my first thought was.. NO WAY... J gets to see the OSU vs USC game up close and personal??!! I know he'll be lovin that! This weekend is our big neighborhood Buckeye Bash.. speaking of buckeye bashes... wondering if some Florida Buckeyes would be up for a visit from some Ohio buckeyes in Nov to watch a football game? No pressure.. just a thought - let me know

Now.. for those panic attacks. I suffered from them a while ago and I can still have them quite easily. I find that mine always occured when the stress and pressure was down, during what I thought should have been relaxing or calm moments. I was told this is when they surface because the body and mind doesn't know how to handle the idle mode. Perhaps this is why you get yours when you exercize...since you actually enjoy it. Just a thought. Here's hoping yours don't hang around for very long.
Have fun at Disney. We are taking Maddy there in November for her 4th birthday. She is so excited to see the princesses for her birthday.

Tawni said...

9.5 miles??? Holy crap! I can't even walk up the stairs without getting winded. (I'm being serious - I don't even have that many stairs.)

Hope the sh*t ends soon.


Lindsay said...

I'm so filled with admiration for your neighbor that, in the middle of everything else, she is still advocating for other families and children.

Hope life reaches a calmer place for you soon and you find a solution to your panic attacks.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

I hope life gets a little more calm for you and that your panic attacks go away soon. Several members deal with anxiety issues, so it is something I am very familiar with.

Have fun in Disney! I'm heading there in November!

Janet said...

I'm with Robin. I think you have the attacks when you are actually destressed and your body has time to catch up and relive whatever is going on. That sucks! I hope they go away. I have never had them, but they do NOT sound like fun!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I can't get past 9.5 go girl!!

Have a wonderful time in Disney:)


Christie said...

OMG - 9+ miles? What the frig? I can't even make it around the grocery store without being winded...


Tell you what - when we get Keira home (when is that? I'll let you know...sigh...) I'll take both my kiddos for a walk and see if I make it a mile. DOUBT IT!

3 Peanuts said...

Way to go on your 9.5 miles!!! That is awesome. I am so sorry about the panic attacks.

I thought of you yesterday...well really of the friend that you lost. I said a little prayer for her. Hugs.