Monday, December 7, 2009


Today ends a long journey for our family, personally. I haven't spoke much on this blog about all of our BOD (Board of Director) woes, but anyone that is a long time reader knows the trials and victories of that journey.
It's been my personal quest for 3 years to make sure we maintain control over our gated community for the sake of peace and harmony. & for the past 2 years, we have. We have managed to flip control to those that are smart & nice. After the years of harassment by power hungry, retired folks that have a dislike for children, boats, rv's, bikes, basketball hoops, garage doors open for longer than 10 seconds and any other indication that a 'family' lives in that home was enough for us to take a stand. I believe we are in good hands and the time has come today where my dh will resign from his position. It's a business move. He must in order to pursue other endeavors that would be in direct conflict with his voluntary BOD position.
I'm hoping the neighborhood never falls back into the hands of those old BOD members again. They may not be in control any longer, but they have certainly not disappeared. They are still there, being their nasty old selves & nobody should deal with the kind of crap that we did just to live in your home.


Kris said...

god do i EVER remember the horror stories. hope it stays just as it is and sorry your hubs has to step down.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been quiet a while since visiting you... and by chance I had passed your site again... it is nice to see all is going well... It was nice seeing that video again... what a sweetie she is... I will be getting my call within a month or two and look forward to this call... finally... how Emerson has grown... so gorgeous... take care

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you don't have the nightmare BOD stuff still going on. Hats off to you and J for standing up the way you did. I hope you continue to be able to enjoy your life in Paradise without the imposition of so many stupid issues again.