Wednesday, December 9, 2009


*My bloglines has been down for a week & for some reason, that has paralyzed me to not be able to check blogs. Annoying.

*It's been hotter than balls here lately. Not real good weather for decorating a Christmas tree.

*I spent the entire weekend decking my halls. I'm so festive.

*We have so much stuff going on right now besides the normal Christmas stuff that my brain is spinning. Today I designed a logo. I did rather impressive work if I do say so myself.

*Business has suckity sucked sucked a big fat monkey butt in our neck of the woods due to the ever low economy and things are looking up for us. We are back in business starting Jan 1. What a way to ring in the new year!

*I am so grateful that business sucked when it did because I really feel this was God's great way of helping Eme to accept Daddy. She has become a Daddy's girl in so many unexpected ways.

*Speaking of Ems, she has been with us 6 full months and the changes I have seen in her are huge. Her language is beginning to explode and she is beginning to be able to sit still through a whole book. She is also tolerant of Daddy 'Doraizing' her teeth with her new little electric tooth brush. She has never been able to stand having her teeth brushed. Short of sitting on her and putting her in a head lock, the teeth have always been an issue...but now she sort of goes along with it and allows it. Splendid.

*She climbs out of her crib faster than I can walk out of the room and she's become a real pain in the keyster with this issue. For 2 hours she played this annoying game at nap time. By the time she fell asleep, it was time for her to wake up. I've had a lot of kids, my 3 boys plus the 25 foster kids that made their way through our home and not a single one of them have been this stubborn with the climbing out of the crib thing. She moves at stealth speed. I'm thinking of one of those crib tents to zip her in.

*She now calls me "Mommy"....sweet music to my ears.

*Can't the whole Tiger W00ds saga disappear? I feel so bad for his wife. My 13 year old asked me what a prenup was the other day. I had a hellavu good time explaining that one. Naturally, he read it on the internet and needed to chat further about it. And again I ask why people put great athletes up on pedestals? When my oldest son wanted all the Tiger apparel for his golf tournaments, I told him no. In fact, I was annoyed that Daddy bought him a TW hat & there was a discussion between us on that issue...I might have even blogged it;0) I am against the idea of my kids looking up to any sports athlete as somebody they want to be like. I want my kids to be them, nobody else & I certainly don't want them oo'ing and aw'ing over somebody famous. Great athletes are humans. TW is a fabulous golfer, but he's human....& humans will always disappoint. Nuff said.

*My girl got her some sassy new black sparkly chucks. Gawd I can't stand the cuteness. She's the diva of Christmas pj's. I'm just gonna have to photograph her in them so ya'll can see. Super cute stuff.

*I have a growing short attitude towards snowbirds. They have been super rude this year and I about found myself in a smack down with a nasty bag at C0stc0. I do believe my ever calm husband would have been rooting me on. I asked the check out lady how *season* was treating her and she had a mouth full of responses. She's as annoyed as myself and told me how rude they've been. .... which leads me to my next bullet...

*Dear Snowbirds:
You come in flocks every year to escape the weather of your other home and yet you forget that you do not own this town. We, the locals, are NOT in your way, in fact, we work, live & play here year round. Please surrender your drivers license at an appropriate age, ya'll can't drive worth a shit. & for the love of all things HOLY, act like your on vacation and find your happy place before showing your face in public. Otherwise, go home....your other home.

*The 'other me' is flying in tomorrow for a girls weekend. I am so excited I could pee myself. My dh is gathering our tribe of children and going to Grandma's for the weekend. This will be the first time that I have been away from Eme longer than a few hours and she's never been with anyone other than J or I. I'm very nervous and in fact, I'm sort of sad. I don't know how she's going to handle it and I don't know what I'll do without her standing on my toes. She's all up in my business ALL the time. This is sort of a trial run for us. We have an adult trip planned in Feb and Eme will be staying with Grams & Gramps then. So this trip will be with Daddy & brothers, at Grams & Gramps without Mommy. If things go good then I'll feel much better about the Feb trip we have planned. Let's all cross our fingers that Eme stays present and doesn't 'shut down'...if so, Daddy will be putting her in the car and driving her back to me.

*I had a big meltdown this weekend while pulling all the Christmas stuff out. I sobbed as I hung the ornaments that we've been given for the past 4 years while we waited for Emerson. I date all my ornaments and who they are for....
my girl is finally home this Christmastime and my heart could not be more full.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the bullets..
sounds like things are going well..
I am sooo happy that Emerson is home for Christmas.. I know what you mean about ornaments..
Just got my 3rd waiting for Isabella at Christmas ornament..
I hope I don't have to buy another one..
Have a great weekend..
I am sure Daddy ,brothers and grandparents will have fun with Emerson..
have fun with Colleen..

~K said...

WOW... so much going on in your neck o' the woods...

1st... miss you and that sweet girl... just thinking about the time spent with you both makes me smile.

2nd... glad business is getting back in full swing soon, and glad J had this time to become the "man" in Eme's life. Nothing better than being a daddy's girl... I speak from experience!!!

3rd... Sorry about the snowbirds... they come from here, I'm glad their gone, and I agree on the whole license and rudeness issue!!

4th... TW, sooo freaking sick hearing about him. like you said, he's human... people, get over it.

5th... I hope you and Col have an awesome time together... and that Eme does well away from you.

6th... I can't wait to get into the X-mas spirit and hope that your sunshiny state will do that for me in two weeks... Wish I was going to be closer to invade your space!!! But I won't be.... so don't worry!

Again... Miss U, smooches :o)

Wanda said...

I know what you mean about 4 years of Christmas decor without the littlest one. We too are celebrating that our girl is finally home.

Enjoy your holidays and your sweet girl.....just not this week-end.


Joanne said...

It will be such a special Christmas with your girl home, where she belongs. I still look at those ornaments from before-Mia and get sentimental...and this will be her 3rd Christmas home!!! Can you belive it?!! Enjoy every moment :)

Laurie-Ann said...

lol..I really do get just how frustrating this is (snowbirds) I do know some can be quite contrary. We get...hmm..what would I call them? "Hunting and fishing" birds from the US. We have the same complaints as you. They like to pay someone to bait a bear for a couple of weeks then they come and pay big bucks to sit in a tree stand and wait for the creature to come for breakfast. Then..its lights out. Yeah...I hear you.

Most of us find them rude. People who work in the service industry especially find them without patience, and feeling like they should be treated with deference. Oh...and the camo gear is just lovely.

What we try to remember though, is the money they provide to our economy as do the snowbirds who visit you.

I have a cousin who owns a home in Naples....he loves it and is only around 45 years old. He says only lovely things about the place...and he does know how to drive. Just sayin...

dana said...

Your Christmas is going to be magical through Eme's beautiful eyes! We hung up all of Aliana's ornaments also, but at least this year we have a little face to connect them to. Glad business is better for you guys. And I am dreading the crib climbing thing!

3 Peanuts said...

Love your bullets...totally get the meltdown..I vividly remember my 1st Christmas with Kate home after all those Christmases without. So glad oyu are doing the trial run...Dave and I STILL have not had an adult vacay although we REALLY need one. I hope it all goes well.

Love how you worded that Em is all up in your business...that is EXACTLY how KAte is...always on my toes. After 2 and 1/2 years..she is till ALL up in my business ALL the time:) The boys were never like that!

laurie said...

Six months...just look at how she's blossomed.

This will be a wonderful Christmas for your family. Wondering if I have it in me to write our fourth consecutive Christmas letter saying, "Maybe next year."

If I have never said it before I am in awe that you & J have had 25 foster children. I work in a public school system and I know how much love those kids need and how important people like you. I remember the sweet video of "your" twins.

This is off-topic, but can you share where you found that big chunky necklace you're wearing in your Thanksgiving family pics?

Can't wait for more cute E pics (and of those sweet boys too of course)

Tell Col the bloggy world misses her and have a great weekend.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Gosh, I cannot believe she has been home 6 months already.....that went so fast!! Can't wait to see her rockin her new sparkly chucks.....bring on the pics:)

LOL...I loved your little "letter" to the snowbirds.

I hope the trial run goes well and you get to enjoy your weekend with Colleen:) Have a cocktail for me!!


BTW, whenever you have some time, I would love to know where you found the stocking pins....shoot me an email if you remember where you bought them.

elisa said...

Ok so I have been reading your blog forever and I am sorry to hear about your snowbird issue- I am sure a lot of them are from my state.
So, speaking of my state- We live in Ohio and recently my husband has been entertaining offers from other companies- one of them is in Ft. Myers.

Can you fill me in on life in Florida? Part of your blog seems ideal- love the sun and boating. But the whole retirement thing worries me- I have 4 kids- I need good schools and a neighborhood with lots of kiddos.

I would love to hear your input. If you have time could you shoot me an email? My email is


simply t said...

Laurie, I had 2 different necklaces on and I'm not sure which one you are asking about, but the entire family photo necklace is from Silpada and the one in just my familyu photo & the Eme & me photos was from Littman jewlers. The Littman was is more all white. Hope that helps!

Lisa, I got the stocking pins at Target=0)

Laurie-Ann, I'm sure your cousin at age 45 can drive well. & yes, the lovely snowbirds do help the economy in *some* ways.

Elisa, I will email you privately. We love it down here, it's our home!

Kris said...

Love your approach on teaching that these "superstars" are truly just humans like the REST OF US :O) I think it's uber important to have good role models, but not from the media hype.

I would be a NERVOUS wreck leaving M-n-M right now, but then, Monday only marks 3 months since we've been together... but we have this date in Feb too (just a night thing, she'll stay at my sisters until we pick her up), and it worries me! Hope she shines through it and you feel confident- it's good for her to learn mom comes back, you know? And have a fabulous trip...

Anonymous said...

Just wait...I was all up in my mom's businnes ;) until I was AT least 30. I slept with her in my 20's (silly time in my life--she was my rock). Just sayin...

Glinds (still not rememberin' the password)

meme said...

Love your blog. Emerson is growing so quickly. As for the crib tent, I have one for my grandson. Just zip them in and they can't get out. They are awesome and safe. I highly recommend them. From your Kentucky Friend, Linda

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Glad you & Col had a fantastic time & that Eme did well in your absence.

I agree with you 150% on the snowbird thang. In fact, my darling BF was given a dirty look by a table neighbor at a local restaurant . . . b/c the dude thought B & Mali were making 'too much noise' at the table. BF shot back with an utterance that I would not dare repeat. I almost had to walk out. He sure did tell him, though. Was kinda funny thinking back. He did shut the guy up.

I have to tell ya, I started rocking Mali to sleep very recently. It takes up a lot of my time, & she resisted & was actually frightened at first - but she's cozied in now & is better for it. It cracks me up that her head & long legs hang over the sides of the chair as she's so big now, but we do it anyway. Not sure if it would help with Eme (in regard to her crib climbing), but it couldn't hurt. It's one of those things I wish I did 4 years ago . . . .