Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bullets = a brain dump
*Tonight we were watching American Id0l and both J and I were watching Eme twirl, sway and clap in front of the tv and we both had that OMG feeling, she's really here. We've watched this show forever and to be watching it, but really watching our little dream girl dancing, swaying, clapping and enjoying life right before our eyes made us both pause.
*I have used the term HATE no less than 4,596 times in the past 3 days.
*Shit has hit the fan behind these gates of hell. There happens to be an old president and his puppets that are out for revenge from 2 years ago when I made sure they'd never hold office again. This year, it will be a flying miracle if they don't resume office. They've become slanderous and have posted flyers on all the doors about us, DH & ME personally.
They took our contracts and used them in a manner that was *extremely* slanderous.
We've met with a lawyer and have a case. Cease & Desist orders are coming to them pronto, or a serious lawsuit will follow. I've had enough. We live in a gated community of 317 homes and all this bullshit comes to us from 6-10 people. Can you believe that? All of them are retired, none of them have pets & I know firsthand that some of their grown children to do not speak to them. ...can't imagine why.
What saddens me most is we have worked so hard to make this a peaceful place to live and after all the hard work it's still a divided community full of hate and slander. Nothing more cheerful than receiving a dozen calls within an hour to let you know that you've been attacked in black & white for nothing. I didn't fret to much because I knew 'THE FACTI0N' was up to something, they had trashed another neighbor the day before (our current president)
with a letter to the neighborhood & I even said it out loud.."that there was more to come." I had no idea it would be about us since my dh resigned from the BOD and is not running this year, due to our contracts. I h.a.t.e. each one of them. I'm so done with them. My life is to full for this bullshit.
*Eme Grace went to the orthotic doctor today and had her cute little feet molded to make the perfect lil'orthotics for her shoes. Between the orthotics and the crawling/creeping, I'm really hoping her muscles grow stronger.
*She is full of sass these days. I'm guessing it's a tad bit in over drive since our hospital stay.
She is turning 2 on Sunday afterall. ....***sniff***....
*I'm so thankful for the numerous emails about all these issues and ideas to help. I contacted the doctor today and he's calling in an anxiety rx for her procedure next week. Thank you.
*My sweet Kita girl is limping something fierce lately. Not sure why, just hoping she works it out.
*I'm completely addicted to my iphone scrabble game. I have 10 games going right now and as soon as my SIL gets back in the game I'll have 12. Wheredajago Marce?
It all started with my G, who is in TN with my neighbors for the week. We started playing it in order to feel a bit more connected and then my dh wanted in on the fun and decided to challenge me and when I kicked his a$$, he went after me again and again and again. & then because I don't allow any phone texting or reading emails while driving, I needed more peeps to satisfy my need for instant gratification...since he couldn't make a move while driving.
*I finally made the final switch to all glass and ditched the plastic this week. I'll let you know at the end of the month how many glass containers are left after 4 kids and a tile floor get in the way of a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Just bought a bunch of these with a bunch of coupons (they let you use multiple coupons in the same transaction!)

Can put straw in it but not leak proof but at least break-proof!

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear about all the BS resurfacing with the moral minority in your neighbourhood. Hope the threat of a law suit is enough to make them end their lies and slander.

Glad to hear Eme is doing so well now she is out of hospital and best wishes for her future procedure. Ortho shoes made a huge difference to Hannah - from falling every 3-5 steps to being able to walk and run, so I hope you see the same amazing results.

stephanie and scott said...

Good lord, you guys have been through enough without old farts getting bored and having nothing better to do than slander you all! I hope you sue their depends off!!!
On another note, so glad the dr called in a script for Ms. Eme:)Glad I could help:)

Suzanne said...

Hang in there! Fellow adoptive mom here home just over 3 months. I really enjoy coming to your blog because you are so REAL. It's so helpful to some of those behind in you in the process to see what's going on, and I LOVE your mama-bear claws. I've got a lot of "it's normal" comments my way too and I'm sick to death of them. We also have a neighborhood mafia though it's not a gated community. I love to piss 'em off! Heh!
Take care and know there are some of us out here that don't know you but are rooting for you everyday!
Suzanne in SC!

Donna said...

And some people wonder why I don't get involved AT ALL in my neighborhood. Couldn't even tell you the name of any of my neighbors. Apathy is bliss.

Laughed about the glass for plastic swap and the tile floors. We just did this swap too and (so far) no breakage. Just a matter of time tho...

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

3 Peanuts said...

We recently got rid of all our plastic too. We have been lucky so far and if you have an Ikea near you check out their classic glasses....they are cheap, durable and look just the like the expensive ones we have from Williams Sonoma. I will be getting them after Lent unless my hubby get them first:)

Sorry about the mean neighbors:(