Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stupid Busy Bullet Brain Dump Post

*Eme has her kidney test today. I'm worried about her anxiety level. We will be giving her a doze of some anxiety medicine, but it won't take away the painful procedure, the new faces and the fear that fills her eyes when things aren't right. I should probably be the one to take the anxiety pill....

*The night before last, I had a horrific dream that I was swimming in the pool and had my iPhone held up in the air with my right hand and then I panicked and needed the hand so I smacked the phone in the water and flooded it. It's the brain of my family. It tells me where I'm supposed to be every minute of the day and EVERYTHING is set with alarms.

*So mid morning rolls around after my dream and my phone starts going all psycho on me. The mute button is going off and on, the screen is fading to a light so low you can't read it and it keeps shutting down. Brainiac phone was now psycho phone. The DH comes home that same hour and tells me his phone was completely blacked out and wouldn't turn on. We make appt at Apple Store and walk out with 2 brand new free phones...not an ounce of our data had been backed up. What a pain. We both lost everything.

*The reason it wasn't backed up was because itunes got all picky and stopped recognizing our phones when we plugged them in to sync them. Apparently 2 iPhones can't share the same computer for sync'ing and were sync'ing 3 iPhones and 4 iPods to the same system. Sometimes I wonder if these smart phones are really all that smart. So now DH is using his own laptop from here on out. Oh how I'd love a MAC!

*Election time here behind the gates of hell has proved to be nothing short of a mud slinging contest. Fortunately for J & myself, I have managed to bite my tongue when in the same room as the asshats. Our lawyer did slap a cease and desist order on them. Their reckless ability to trash our company name and accuse us of unethical issues goes beyond their freedom of speech. There is a meeting on Friday in order to address some of these issues to get them in the minutes. 2 asshats have signed up to speak, 1 being my nasty snowbird neighbor and the other being one we slapped an order on. I called to sign up to speak just in case I feel frisky. I have NOTHING to say, but I might just want to get F&#@ Y@* on the record. I am so over this place, as much as I love it, I'm over it.

*I saw our old president this week and she was so happy. She moved out right after her time served with the DH. She had heard how ugly the old BOD was being and was giddy to not be in it anymore. She wasn't the least bit shocked by their viciousness.

*We aren't the only ones who had to slap a cease & desist order on them, my neighbor, the president did the same to a couple other asshats. They attacked him in very rude way. Even handing out fliers at the front gate from 6:45am-8:30. It really took the wind out of his sails, but he's determined to keep his chin up and beat em at their own game.

*So the old BOD, who wants back in office decided to throw a party to meet the candidates, but they managed to not invite any of the 7 great people wanting a seat on the 5 person BOD, just so they wouldn't show up and look bad. Silly them. They should really know who they are dealing with by now. I'll update this bullet after the event.

*As much as I'd like to step back from all this drama, I can't. I made a promise that as long as I lived behind these gates, I'd never let them hold a BOD seat again. Not only do I never want to see them attack and control the personal lives of those that live here like they tried to do with ours for 2 miserable years, we are also fighting for the 2 contracts that our company holds in this neighborhood. It's our job now. And being in an area where the unemployment rate is at an all time high, 12% for our little county...we can't afford to lose these contracts.

*Election date: March 23...if I can make it that long...


elisa said...

Ok you are scaring me about a possible Florida move!

As for the iPhones, that is the exact reason we changed to Macs.

Hang in there!

thegreybullet said...

I will be praying for your Eme that she has as little pain and anxiety as possible. I am sorry you are again dealing with the jerks in the neighborhood. To bad that Snowbird has to come down every year with so much hate and discontent. She probably gets run out of whereever she comes from the other half of the year. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that carma will prevail!

Sarah said...

Yep, can't put two iphones on one computer. Here's what my husband and I do. We both hook our iphones up to our separate computers, but we share calendars. Sign up for a gmail email address and then use google mobile settings which allow you to have google calendar. Whatever I put on my google calendar pops up on his iphone. We have two different calendars but we can see eachothers calendars. My husband set all of this up. If you need any help, message me.

Lindsay said...

Best of luck with Eme at the hospital. It must be weighing on you. Hope that you and your beautiful girl come thru without it being too traumatic.

Liz and Ava said...

Hoping Eme's procedure went well and that the anxiety meds helped.