Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pics & Suits

It's that time of year again! YEEEHAWWW! This has been the coldest Florida winter that I can ever remember in all my 16 years in SWFL and boating has not been on the list of things to do. However, with the temps back in the 80's this weekend, we are planning some much needed, long overdue island time. So in my personal quest to organize and purge, I decided to tackle the bathing suit basket....ugh...
(sorry the photo is so dark, my computer with my editing software is getting a makeover)I have a really hard time getting rid of bathing suits, even though some just look down right pathetic on me. You never know when you might have guests that forget their suit and we just need to polish the night off swimming or chillin' in the hot tub, so I keep a bunch in a variety of sizes, considering I've been a variety of sizes;0). I do actually go through a lot in the summer. They lose their elasticity from the sun & salt and I usually have a suit on every day in the summer. My newest one is the Flintstones looking one in the corner from VS, pretty Barney Rubble looking isn't it?
So I have fat suits, skinny suits, tankini's, bikini's, board shorts, 1 skirt one that I bought for a luau party and to many cover ups.
The grand total being:
14 cover ups
20 bikini's
10 tankini's
4 *extra* bottoms... which leaves me wondering where I left the matching tops???
& 2 bikini tops that do not match any of the *extra* bottoms. That must have been some night.
I've decided to purge 8 bikini's and 1 cover up.
So what's in your swim suit drawer?
Is this obnoxious or normal?

& few pics (right of the camera) of Eme getting her groove on with W's old scooter.

Her St. Patty's Day tee that we've had hanging in the closet for 3 years, it says...
"I'd rather be LUCKY than good"
Funny how it ended up matching her personality so well=0)


Diana said...

I only have fat suits so you have be big time on this one:)
Love the TShirt:)
My oldest is in Florida this week and they have not had very good weather at all!!! Our spring break needs to be a few weeker!!
Enjoy your weeekend..I am so jealous!!

Kim said...

I just got 2 suits in San Diego.. now I am going to have to work hard to get into them and look good..LOL.
Love the pictures of EME..
Have a great week..

Pug Mama said...

I can attest - I have borrowed one of those bathing suits before!
and Eme on a scooter?! WAY TO GO!!!!!!! I am so impressed!!!
Love the shirt - perfect!

Jennifer in Miami said...

I was just thinking about you the other day - actually how Eme is doing, and if the untamed tiger advise helped. Ms. Addison began having night terrors again, and we are dealing with 2-3 hour long crying and sobbing sessions. It is heartbreaking to see my baby girl this way. I just want to fix her, and I know you understand this as much as anyone. On a happier note...I am soooo excited to have a warm day coming up in Miami. This winter has sucked, I have lived here all my life, and we have never had this many continuos days of cold....We are taking advantage and heading down to the keys. Cleaning out our bathing suit drawers, and dusting off our summer coozies....I dont know how anyone lives north of south florida. Have some great island time.

Ani said...

My swimsuit drawer is a pandora's box... too many to count, too many that don't fit anymore and the cover ups are in another drawer altogether!

And baby girl is 6 months old and already owns over 6 bathing suits!!!! The upside of living in the tropics :-)

Colleen said...

Dude... Holy bathing suit mahem! Love it. I am actually surprsed that you purged any suits? Were they that bad? I need me a new "suit" for Paradise... I do believe I will still be sporting a tankini tho. Just can't seem to get rid of the gut.

Love the Eme photos.

Miss you all. Enjoy the boat!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fellow adoptive mommy and came across your blog while browsing around one night. I like how you write about adoption topics and have been reading your blog. As far as your question about the swimsuits, I only own one. We live in Wisonsin though and your swim suit basket looks like our hat, mitten and scarf basket. That too is overflowing and somehow always ends up with mittens that have no matching partner to be found:)

cougchick said...

Hey T. Just checking in. I can relate to your swimsuit-palooza. I have way too many suits and I live in a place with 4 seasons and a very short summer. Jealous right now of that 80 degree weather here in chilly Washington state.
Love, Love, love that St Paddy's shirt. So Cute!