Friday, March 12, 2010

Rolling Along

I wanted to update Eme's status as A+ OK, at least the reflux issue is.
It was a test I was dreading and I'm thankful it's over. It wasn't necessarily the results, but the actual process. It seems so wrong for me to have to help console my girl while strangers poke things up in her that hurt. Not nice.
Again, it's a trust issue and though she was a bit pissed with Daddy & me, she seems to be feeling like her groovy self again.
I'm trying to keep the blog flowing, but every time I sit down to type something, I realize I really don't want to. Maybe it's all the stuff going on right now that is just to big to write. To big, to much, to muddy. I know the old blog had a whole lot of BOD drama, but I don't think those are the same readers and the history is just to deep to start explaining now. 3 lawyers are now in play and though it's all extremely positive for us, it still doesn't wipe the child like behavior away & I still have to see those same people causing all this bullshit in our life.
It's exhausting & I'm tired.


Suzie said...

I'm so glad to hear that Eme is doing ok and I hope the results come back better than you excpect.

I've been following both your blogs and know about the BOD crap that you've had to deal with. That sucks to have to deal with that when all you want to do is live your life. Good luck!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

So glad to read things are ok so far with Miss Em and she is back to her groovy self!

Briana's Mom said...

I'm so glad that test with Miss E is over and she is doing well. What a relief!

Sorry about the BOD drama. I can't believe after all these years you are still dealing with it. I can't imagine the stress it brings you.

Shari U said...

I'm glad to hear the test went well.

I read the old blog and well remember all the crap you've had to put up with in your neighborhood. It's hard to understand why people would try so hard to create such hostile environment in their own neighborhood. It seems like they have nothing to do, but live off the drama they create. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this again. You have so many great things in your life, it stinks to not have peace with your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better. You have been blogging for a long time, maybe you should just take a break, or just do a monthly update.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So happy to hear that Eme is A okay.....and so glad you can put that test behind you.

Sorry...I know that the BOD drama has to be draining.


Kim said...

Glad to hear that things with Eme are ok..
And hopefully the bod issues get over soon..

Laurie said...

So glad E's test is behind you. Thanks for giving us the update.

It's your blog and it can be whatever you need it to be. We love the posts about your kids and your thoughts on intl adoption. When/if you want to vent about the BOD @holes do it...many of us go way back and feel like we've BTDT with you.

Randi said...

I am so glad that Eme's test is over. It is horrible to have to do stuff like that with your baby.

osolomama said...

I was thinking of you. There are two tests for reflux--too bad they couldn't do the blood one. Don't be afraid to tell the physicians when you think it's too invasive. When Sim had her asthma meltdown and 2 days later in ICU when the doctor wanted to draw arterial blood, I nearly lost it listening to her scream. The nurse told me later, "When you're feeling like that, just tell them no. You can always regroup." Advice I never forgot.


Polar Bear said...

I am so glad that the test is over and that all seems fine.

So sorry you have to deal with all the BOD crap. You are a stronger woman than I! I don't think I could have stuck around this long.

Ps. Please don't stop posting. I learn so much from you. I know that is purely selfish on my part, but now that I am about to enter the unknown world of motherhood I really rely on all of you BTDT moms. Just my two pennies!

Nancy said...

I am so glad that your DD is doing well!!! And I'm so sorry that you still are having to deal with this BOD bs....I think you should assemble a group of adoptive moms and just let us all go commando on their olds a$$es!! I mean, seriously, what the heck do they think they're doing?!!! Plus messing in your business now, you should have your family start wearing those tshirts that say "old people go to florida to DIE"!!! sorry, I'm just kidding, but honestly, can't they just go play bingo or something...?!! (note, my Mum is 89years old, and I have nothing against older people, but when they constantly try to provoke others just because there is so little going on in their own lives, COME ON!!

Nancy (who would hate it if you stopped bloggin'!!)

Mindi said...

I'm an old reader....I know all the crap you've gone through!! And I would HATE it if you stopped blogging!

So glad to hear Eme is back to herself. What a sweet sweet family you have.