Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's the day: *updated*

* annual elections in our neighborhood behind these gates of hell. Lots of hard work went into this election. Lots of knocking on doors, meeting neighbors, talking...gawd, LOTS of talking. Lots & lots of good ol' fashion drama which included, but was not limited to: smearing ones personal name, going above & beyond the 1st amendment of 'freedom of speech', involving 3 lawyers that mailed out 4 individual cease & desist orders and 318 letters to every single homeowner about the legality of what has transpired, spreading vicious lies about ones personal life, using slurs to reference ones name and making up a big ol' pile of BS to gain advances. Yeah, it's been fun.

** My Kita girl has not been walking correctly. She has a really bad limp. So today she went to the vet and received an A+ on her health. She's just an old lady that has a limp. She does have a benign tumor under her arm, but all is well and she is in remarkable health for her age. The doc was quite impressed with her. She's also lost 18lbs and that had us worried, but nope, he said she's just no longer a fat pig;0)

*** Results are not so good for my Eme girl though. She was up all night with that same painful cry that we heard a month ago. I took her in and she has 'suspicious' urine, which would indicate another UTI. They are growing her culture and won't know for 2 more days for sure. She is back on the antibiotic and we will continue that for 20 days and after that they will decide what to check for next. The kidney reflux test was fine, but now they'd like to check for a blockage in the 'pee line' that might be causing the enlarged kidney and these UTI's.

I was pretty certain she might have another UTI during the night when her cry was that same painful cry as before, but after she woke up, she started holding her privates every time she went potty. My poor girl.
**** I swear, Eme Grace has sprouted in the last week. I looked at her Friday and declared she was quickly leaving toddlerhood and becoming a little girl. She just looked so grown up. I even snapped a photo on my phone and sent it to her Daddy. Her legs look longer, her tummy is fuller, she's more stalky and she's talking so much more. When Kris commented on it in the last post, I chuckled, because it's exactly what I've been seeing up close and personal.

**** Annual Elections: 5 hours and counting....GAWWWWW the DRAMA!
Got drama?
UPDATED: We pulled off another victory for the 3rd year in a row. I know this means very little to the outside world looking in, but for those of us living behind these gates, it means another year of peaceful living with NO harassment. For those that have been with me for over 4 years, you know what this means. 3 1/2 years ago, I vowed to make sure the ego ridden BOD that held such great power over our personal lives would never hold that kind of power again, we prevailed. This election was extremely important to us for more than one reason and I couldn't be happier. 2 months ago I wrote the date of March 23 on our calendar for the BOD meeting and I also wrote 'Celebrate BOD Victory' for March 24 on the calendar. My son asked me about a week ago when he saw it, "Mom, did we win again?" I told him 'the results weren't in, but I don't play this game to lose, count on it.' All I could think to say, as I walked past my nasty EX BOD neighbor who spent years harassing my family for our laid back boating lifestyle is, CHECKMATE.


Laurie said...

Sending healing thoughts Eme's way.

Good luck with the elections

Island Girl said...

Oh poor baby. Ihope she feels better and they figure it out!

Plus UPDATE us on the election.

Jennifer said...

Sorry Eme is not feeling well...hope she is better soon! AND....YEAAAAAA on the election! So happy for you...peace is good!

Lindsay said...

Glad to hear that sanity prevailed once more in your piece of paradise.

Hope Eme is well again soon and you get a quick answer as to why the infection has reoccured.

Polar Bear said...

Poor E! I hope the medicine kicked in quickly and she feels better already!

Shari U said...

Score for the home team! I know you're glad to have that over for awhile!

Daniella said...

Congratulation the BOD victory. I completely get it as someone who lives in a gated community with drama. Sorry about Eme, I hope things get resolved quickly. Sending good thoughts and prayers.

Debbie said...

Not sure if my post went or not.
So glad the BOD drama is over for you all for at least another year!! Maybe they will all croak this winter and go to toadville!!! Where did you get the cute little dress she has on while mopping?? Where do you get her tights??

Karen Proulx, said...

Eme has such a beautiful smile. I hope she is feeling better soon and that the Dr. finds out what is causing her to have the UTI.

Congratulations on the BOD win. Maybe they will decide that they have met their match and MOVE away from your community.