Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cruising along

*Eme Grace seems to be fitting in just perfectly with our very waterlogged family. We joked yesterday that the poor girl wakes up and we throw her in the water, rather it be the pool or the Gulf of Mexico & she seems to love it each time.

As much as we were hoping that Daddy & Eme time in the pool was the breakthrough moment...it wasn't. It was just 'a' moment with her Daddy that she was loving. It's all about baby steps in this house.
*We can not seem to get her sleep clock turned around completely. She does not fall asleep before 10:30 on most nights and she will only nap about 20 minutes during the day. I'm glad it's the summer and we have a few months to work on that before school starts and we all need to be in bed before 9.

*She HATES having her teeth brushed. She loves to watch us all brush our teeth, but she is happy to just watch.
Things she has learned:
~She calls out for me in the saddest 'MaMa MaMa' voice.
~She knows her name and looks each time called.
~She signs 'more' & now has decided to sign 'more' between each bite of food and she does it in a very frustrating way, like I'm not shoveling it in quick enough.
~She also signs 'all done', which she learned in China.
~She is loving her seat on the back of the bike.
~She puts her finger up to her mouth and says "sshh"
~She says 'Kita' very quietly
~She mimics sneezes by saying "Ha Choo"
~She says 'Good Girl' very quietly when she uses the potty.
~She has pulled herself up in her crib several times.
~She is on all fours and is giving some serious thought about this crawling gig. Today we are going to hold a 'crawl-a-thon' in hopes of her watching & learning from 3 eager beaver boys to help her learn.

For Me:
~Dog tired has become a constant state.
~I am constantly behind on laundry.
~I am behind on thank you notes for the first time in my life and I feel horrible.
~My house always seems to be in a state of chaos.

However, all that seems to not really matter when I am rocking my girl and playing on the floor with her. The boys are huge helpers and they are just as in love with their sister as Mommy & Daddy.
Life is crusing by us as fast as the wind & though we seem to always be behind in something, we are loving every minute of it...


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like Eme is doing well..
She is just making sure that her family is going to stay around.
I LOVE her little shirt.. you find such cute little clothes..
Sounds like she is learning new things each and every day.. before long she will sleep all night and will be running around the house..
Love your page.. I have been looking at what I am going to buy from the CM site..
Have a great day girly..
BIG HUGS... things will get better..and you will get some sleep soon...

Ani said...

I love the pics of Eme with her brothers. Hopefully, her relationship with Daddy will continue to evolve a bit each day... Looks like the time in the water is a great way for them to bond.
Thanks for sharing the update!

Diana said...

I love her shirt and the pictures with her adoring brothers:)
It is amazing how much she has learned and is doing in such a sort amount of time.
Have a great week and thanks for the Eme updates..We all look forward to them!

Abby's Mom said...

Baby steps as you say but she looks pretty darn happy :)

"Dog tired has become a constant state.
~I am constantly behind on laundry.

~My house always seems to be in a state of chaos" Does that really ever go away ? :)

P.S. Seemed like my Thank you notes hung on my head forever. Priorities! You will get to them eventually!

emilyb said...

Sounds like Eme is fitting right in! She's got herself a great little Florida tan- the lifestyle must suite her :) Best wishes!

Shari U said...

For what it's worth (not much)my little one seemed to have a very short "sleep cycle". I called it "hyper alert" back then and have since learned that it really is called "hypervigilence". It was like she would fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion and then have to wake up again to make sure everything was okay. For us it was hardest at night because I could put her to bed and she would sleep for no more than 60 minutes and then would be up so I had to either get her back up or be ready to go to bed right then. It got better little by little as her little life became more routine. It breaks my heart though thinking about these poor babies who have to be so watchful to make sure you're still there when they wake up. Eme-Grace looks great in the pictures, she looks to be fitting right in with the family. I'm sure her daddy enjoyed every minute in the pool with her on Sunday. Hope you get caught up on laundry, housework, sleep, etc!

Polar Bear said...


This post made me smile. It's so great that E is fitting in so well. It still seems so surreal that E, Pugbaby, and A are all home. I just love looking at all of the pictures.

Are you going to video the crawling races? That sounds so cute!

Enjoy the day!

Colleen said...

LOOK AT THE SHIRT!!! Holy cow so cute!! CUTE!!

I know this is sooo exhausting. I am glad that Eme gave Daddy some love...it will come again.

Keep me posted on stuff my dear. Loves ya bunches. you know where to find me. (Sadly...its not in your pool)

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I promise a month from now it will be better. I am shocked at what a difference it has made from the first month home to the second month home.

The naps will get better, the laundry gets better, it all does get easier and better, and you will actually soon not be so tired!!

Heza Hekele said...

How wonderful that she is coming along so well!

Special K said...

I love seeing the pics of Eme with her brothers. Just makes my heart happy.

Just keep taking it one day at a time. She's worth all the hard stuff... and some day it'll ease up.

Briana's Mom said...

I love that you have a water baby! She fits your family like a glove!

I remember being completely exhausted for months after coming home with Briana. Her clock was really off for a long time. Once she started sleeping well, I think that is when I started feeling better.

Kim said...

Love the pictures!!!!
I'm right there with you - behind in everything!
We just have to remember it won't last forever --- and these moments of their childhood won't last either.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

We have that same shirt! We also have one that says Queen of the Sand Box. .. or something like that. :0)
Your girl is precious!! (and so are your boys!) Love her smile!

my word verification is blesses.... I'm certain that your Eme blesses you every single day.. infact, I KNOW she does. :0)