Wednesday, June 10, 2009

pics and doctors

So typical, but I think it's funny. I see so much of my girlfriends girls in my girl.
When she's all smiley, I see Maddy in her.
When she's all serious and thinking, I see Mali in her.
When she's just hangin out casually, I see Claire in her.
& I'm not the only one, so does J.
Thank you Glinda for the super duper soft blankie. Eme didn't feel well yesterday after her shots and was super tired because she missed her nap. After I put her jammies on her, she reached down to grab the blanket and stuffed it between her and me to lay her head on. You are right, there is nothing softer than her skin. Again, your note made me cry (twice) and each little envelope that held the words of more sweetness spoke to my heart. Thank you, you are an inspiration and I can't wait to watch your journey unfold....soon it will happen.
This shot is from China and I gotta tell you the story that made it so cute.
We were at the White Swan buffet and I put salami on Emerson's plate. She grabbed one piece and turned around and passed it to her friend. Emerson kept snatching food and passing it on, neither one liked black olives. Some items were lost in the exchange, but it was to cute for words.
My double jointed girl makes eating really messy when she uses her foot like a fork.
It's quite amusing to be feeding her and have a foot pop up during meal time.
I always clean her hands & her feet after she's done eating.
Going out for a walk incognito....
in her Life is Good hat from Auntie Ann & Uncle Terry.
She looks so stinkin cute in it.
Emerson had her doctor appt. yesterday and it went exactly as I predicted. She is physically at a 6 month old level and is only in the 5th percentile for her weight, she's a whopping 18 lbs at 15 months of age.
She was labeled "failure to thrive"....whatever.
She's been home for one week today and in that time she has mastered the roller over and raising her self up on her front to arms and she is sitting so much stronger. She really is getting stronger and though I believe she made need some therapy, I'd really like to give her the opportunity to improve all on her own. She's capable and this is the first time in her little life she's had access to her feet and hands. I felt like telling the good doc to remove the label, she's had enough of them and I can guarantee she'll be right on schedule within a short time.
The doctor and I didn't agree on this issue, nor did we agree on a few other issues that came up.
I love this particular doctor, she has seen all of my children and has the best reputation in town, but I felt like she should educate herself on the attachment/bonding process before passing out advice in such a hasty tone with me. I get that she is the doctor and is only focused on the medical stuff, not the emotional stuff....
When she asked why I am reluctant on the therapy right now, I told her because her heart can't handle being away from me and she's only attached to me in an insecure way right now. She shunned the bond factor and told me she would bond to me no matter what, because I am her mother. Yeah, if it were only that simple. It's as ridiculous as saying if I love her enough, she'll bond to me....which I've heard and I've also heard that all she will need is love. This is where I struggle with how to react. I could give her a lesson in attachment techniques that are put into place for the high risk child (which my girl is in) or I could shake my head politely and just agree for the sake of keeping peace. I just sat there in silence and decided to not say a thing.
I'm not sticking in her therapy right now, where her little heart would panic to be away from me. She may physically be ready for it, but she's not emotionally ready for it and I believe that we will emotionally get there in due time, but until then, her heart is more important to me and until then, we will do our own PT therapies with her.

She was given 3 shots and woke up with a 101 fever. No doubt it was brought on by the shots.
The sleep has been getting better and she is sleeping all night in her crib. It's not a restful sleep though. She wakes up and I put my hand in her crib and she squeezes my fingers and goes back to sleep. She's getting there and things are looking better. Now if I could only get her to like her Daddy....??? Good thing he's in love with her, cause she's kinda high maintenance ;0) Every day we see a little bit of the Emerson that we knew in China coming out. She is a funny girl and we are all head over heels in love with her.


M :-) said...

I'm so sorry about the doctor appointment. We had some similar things said to us at M's first appointment. I'll never forget when the doctor told me to take bottles away from her, because she was 12 months old. Yeah, I did that with my bio boys, but they had TWELVE months of that mother to child bonding ... my baby girl had none of that, and I was going to use that time to get eye contact and skin to skin contact. I just wish doctors wouldn't be so quick to throw out advice when they haven't been educated on attachment/high risk children.

I hope she's feeling better today!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

oh my goodness, Hayden loves to sit in the highchair with a foot ladylike:)

our shots sent us in a 4 day downward spirl...sucked, and we are only a few weeks shy of doing it again....oh joy I can't wait!!! Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Failure to thrive....we will see about that!!! She will have mastered a ton of milestones in such a short time your doctors head will spin. She will be a different child the next time she sees you. Most doctors can't even manage personal relationships with their patients in an empathetic way...why would we ever expect them to understand attachment and bonding??? You know what is right for Eme....stick to your guns!!

Glad the sleeping is improving some!!

Kris said...


First of all--congratulations on Emerson--she is awesome! I've been a follower of your "journey" almost since we started ours, over 3 years ago. Regarding putting her in therapy now...I'm with you! In fact, my husband and I just went to a seminar about attachment and adoption presented by the director of an international adoption clinic here in CA (he's a developmental pediatrician) and a neuropsychologist who works with attachment issues. They reiterated over and over again how important it is to "chill out" the first few months after getting home and the dangers of jumping into too much "stuff". She needs time to adjust to her new reality and the best thing you can do right now is exactly what you are doing!

Glad things are starting to improve--sleep is a beautiful thing!! Looking forward to hearing more about the adventures of Miss E!!

LID 5/24/06

Kelly fr/CA said...

Our daughter was adopted from Jiangxi in '06 was also labeled "failure to thrive" by her American ped and she was not even on the American growth chart at that time. She should be charted on a Chinese growth chart concurrently with the American for a while. And you're doing right by ignoring the "failure to thrive" label. Most peds aren't educated in international adoption. Congratulations on your baby daughter! I've so enjoyed following your journey.

Kelly fr/CA

3D said...

She is just lovely!! Do what works for you and her and your family.

Keep smilin!

Jen in Miami said...

I know what you mean with the Dr. We had the same issue. For what its worth, I think that you are doing the right thing. Relax on the therapy right now. She is still just a baby. There is plenty of time for that, if it is even necessary. Please let me know if there is anything that you need, I really am not far away....

Abby's Mom said...

Those photos are simply adorable! W really is a heartbreaker isn't he :) Sounds like you are having babysteps each day but I know you will take them. Failure to thrive?? Before you knew her maybe but not anymore. I agree with you she will be ahead of her self before you know it. Poor little thing has so many different changes to deal with right now but she is in the right enviroment to shine and shine she will :)
Hang in there!

Glinda said...

So glad her sweetness loves the blanket! I was way off on the beach cover up...maybe next summer!

I too hate labels...however, take heart she is thriving now and that is what is important...I have no experience with doctors, but I worry that it may be more stressful for you to stay with your doctor at a time when it is extremely important for you to feel you are being heard and given correct advice. Can you switch to someone with the same reputation but with more attachment/bonding experience?

Supporting you from afar ;)

Sarah's proud Mama said...

You know her best, as her Mother and you know what's best for her. I have had to tell Sarah's doctor things before and decided against her advice because of the attachment process. She wanted me to stop giving her bottles, when she came home at 12 months. I refused and told her that I was going to continue with them while holding her because of the benefits with attachment. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that Sarah came home from China at 12 1/2 months old and wasn't even crawling. After being home for one month, she went from sitting, to scooting, to crawling to walking. And was up after that walking all over the place. Eme will catch up, this is most likely her first chance to even discover she has feet, let alone figure out what they're for! You're doing the right thing, and I truly believe as her Mom, you DO know what's best for her! (Sorry this is so long, I've delurked with a lot to say! LOL!)

Colleen said...

Ohhh she is such a cutie-pie!! It is so wonderful to see her with her big brothers!
When we brought Faith home at 11 months she was extremely delayed. I felt like I went through the new born stage with her. She was not sitting up, rolling over, etc.. We had her evaluated at 15 months and she was still at a 4-5 month old level in many areas. We did not start therapy until she was 2 (after a year of having her home)
Our Dr.s (which were all military and UK Drs. as we were stationed overseas)kept telling us not to worry about a thing that she was just perfect and would be just fine. You are doing soo great with Eme and I wish I would have been more like you at the time and relaxed more about her physical development. I was always so worried about her and had no reason to be. Faith continues to be about 6 months to a year behind in some of her motor skill and physical areas, but she is always progressing and is way ahead academically.
Ohhhh enjoy that sweet baby of yours as I know you are!!! I know some days can be tough, but you have been such an inspiration for so many on this journey of bringing their little ones home.
Many blessings!!!!!

Debra said...

I think you are right on target with your thinking. Sometimes doctors, especially those not familiar with international adoption don't have a clue. When my second came home she wasn't on the chart at all for weight and at 5% for height. She was all of 15lbs. She had no muscle tone at all. Her legs would go all the way around from front to back. She was developmentally about 6 months as well. It doesn't take long with good nutrician, BTW throw away the Chinese formula if you are using it and switch her to a good American formula, lots of love and stimulation from her family. Take a look at my blog and you will see how healthy my little one is now. She is scary smart and the strongest, most adjile child ever. Keep on keeping on Mama, you are doing great!

PIPO said...

Love those photos as always.

Get ready for the warp speed catch up she will be doing. It is AMAZING how fast the turn-around comes. My girl was right where Eme is just a few short months ago. Now she runs about at the speed of light and, though she didn't get 'the label', went from 17 to now 23 pounds since home.

OH WOW! The feet! I call C the monkey quite often because she uses her feet like another set of hands and they are ALWAYS on the table. I figure we have some time to work on that habit ;0)

I'm not sure how it works in paradise but in the land of the Buckeye the county sent PT to my house. Granted she needed very little and is on a 'monitor only' monthly visit now (she is on target now in all but speech) but it was easy peasy for both of us. I took her to the initial eval and was there the whole time. After our home was the way to go.

Hope your Miss Eme is feeling better in a flash. Unfortunately Claire is down for the count now too :0(

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Failure to thrive? Geez. & they're measuring a Chinese girl on American charts. I weighed in at a whopping 16 lbs at at 12 months . . . never made it onto the charts. I'm still not on the charts. Maybe she's just Chinese, & will be tiny. Granted, she'll gain some weight & certainly more muscle tone. But failure to thrive? Sounds a tad over the top.

Early Steps comes out to your house - you wouldn't have to leave Em anywhere for the services they provide. & they're free.

Smiling & nodding is always the best option. Silly Doctors . . .

SPY said...

You stick to your guns with that doc. You are absolutely right. The emotional side of her is the most at risk right now and that is what you must safeguard. The physical stuff will come. You've got to get her emotionally centered before anything else!

Colleen said...

AHHH! That hat! I couldn't wait to see it on her! That other pic of her and W? Priceless. Love it. Love her face, love her smile.

I am glad things are getting a bit will continue to. I am so annoyed at that doctor and I wasn't even there...I can only imagine. You continue your path. You know what and when things are right for her.

Thanks for the great photo's...I was having some withdrawls.

Barbara said...

When I adopted my 2nd daughter, Ana (in 2001!) she was 18mo and 14 lbs. She was malnourished and delayed, labeled failure to thrive. I waited six months to have her evaluated, even though I KNEW she was developmentally delayed. She was such a wreck - I didn't want anyone messing with her. Once she was 2, she started to receive services.
Your sweet girl can wait! People are ignorant about issues our kids face. You're doing a great job!

Meaklims said...

Good for you sticking to your guns with the doctor. Your little girl will develop in a month or two, she'll go above and beyond the charts - so I know you're not, but don't worry about that part! Keep her close to you, that's all that matters right now. Our little girl regressed after the china trip too, but it wasn't too long before she started feeling more secure in the new home, country and environment. 6 months later she now rules us! :)

Emerson has come through so much, and you are doing wonderful, making all the right decisions for her.

J xx

Karen and Bob said...

NO Way on that failure to thrive diagnosis! My girl was exactly the same age/weight as your girl when we brought her home. Even now at almost 3.5 years old, my girl is only 28lbs. Just petite. Geez, I'd be steaming at the Dr. Our Dr never said anything like that...maybe because she is Chinese :)

Also, I totally understand your reasons for delaying the therapy, but if FL is anything like CA, you can have complete home therapy, and you're right there. I think my girl would have done fine without it, but it was nice to have it available to help her catch up quickly...which she did, and then some! Once these girls get love and attention from us, it's just amazing.

Stacy said...

People just don't understand. I guess I really didn't until I LIVED it. It's quite silly to think she would be ready for therapy. She just got home! There are so many things for her to learn and adjust to. I usually just smile and let their comments go. I did have to politely let one woman have it at the gym though:) We are celebrating the one year anniversary of our referral today. Our girl has come so far but I know we aren't "there" yet! But hey, we're on our way!!!!! Take care! Hope the jetlag is getting better! It makes all the difference in the world when you are rested!

LaLa said...

good for you doing what is best for your girl. Coby is 17 months old and just got on the charts at 20lbs...the US charts that is. I took my ped a Chinese and a Vietnamese chart so she could use both.

LOVE LOVE all the pics of seet girl!

Liene said...

Ugh...doctors frustrate me so much sometimes. You can't measure an institutionalized child against the American charts. I know Eme was in foster care, not sure how much of her life though. That would've made me so angry if they had given my daughter that label. Although who knows, they still might since she's not home yet.

Eme should do just fine. You yourself have said she's getting stronger by the day. Just don't worry about what the doctors say. You know your daughter better than they do.

Donna said...

I was also freaked out when our 25 month old daughter didn't tip the 20 pound weight on the scales but now that she's 30 pound at the age of (brace yourself) AGE FIVE, I'm learning not to sweat it so much. Some kids are petite and that seems to be more the case for Chinese kids and nutrition isn't always a factor (my 2nd daughter eats very healthy foods but she's just tall and lean)

As for the lack of Daddy Love, that too will pass. My girls still prefer Mommy but Daddy comes in a very VERY close second. I think they quickly figured out that Daddy actually equated to "lack of Mommy". This was because the only time Daddy had physical custody was when Mommy wasn't available. If we had it to do over, we might have tried to send a different message. But, be that as it may, it almost always (eventually) works out just fine.

Just keep doing what you're doing cuz you're doing great!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Edgar & Barbara said...

Failure to thrive? No way!! Our daughter, who's been home since September 2008, weighed only 19 lbs. at 16 months. She was <5th on the percentile. NOW, she's 26 months and weighs 24 lbs and is 15th on the percentile. What 9 short months will do.

YOU know what is best for YOUR daughter. Before you know it, she'll be running all over the place.

Oh and by the way...your little girl is just SO cute, GOD bless her!

Take care...
Barbara (in Orlando)

Kristy said...

Mommy knows best....not always the doctor!!! You do what you need to do, you know what is best for your baby. And the love for Daddy will come, I have no doubt.

Love , Kristy

thegreybullet said...

AWatch out as once Emerson has some time in your loving home she will be progressing by leaps and bonds. In three months she will have caught up or almost to her peers.

You are doing it correctly and just continue to trust your instincts. Look at your three boys they have thrived in your care. Emerson will as well.


Kristen, Mark, and Miranda said...

Hi, Tracy, sounds like things are getting better. Yeah! I haven't read all the comments above, but did any mention "Early Intervention", as opposed to "therapy"? It's "therapy", but they come to your house and work with you as much as they do with the baby, to teach you how to play in order to strengthen her and teach her. You never leave her alone with the therapist! We got it for Phoebe, and-- funny-- Miranda had her 24 month check-up today and the doctor ordered it for her too, for gross motor function, where she's always been delayed. And since she won't walk down steps and I've been carrying TWO 24 pound babies up and down stairs at the same time, I agreed.

Of course do what's right for you-- just another take on things. Good luck!

Melissa said...

What a dissapointment during the medical visit. But you must ask yourself how many International Adoptions is the Doctor involved with and you are one smart cookie, so I think you are right to FOLLOW YOUR GUT! Have you thought about taking her to one of the international Adoption clinics. I cannot believe they do not have one in Florida, but they do have one in Alabama and Georgia. I am sure you know this already, but I am giving you the information for the Alabama clinic anyway.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jennifer Nobles Chambers, MD, MPH&TM
UAB International Adoption Clinic, Director
MTC 201
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233-1711
Phone: (205) 939-6964
email: ,
It looks like you have had some slow but steady progress. I have been so thrilled for you and will continue to lift you up in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Actually the U.S. growth charts are an amalgamation of all ethnic groups. However, they do not account for early nutrionional deprivation which many of our girls have experienced.

We've been home 10+ years (we were among the first to adopt from China). Ava arrived home at 11 mo. weighing 12 lbs - sitting (barely) and was up to speed w/in 5 months. We did have our ECI provider at the house and I was there and engaged in every visit so that was helpful. She is still tiny - but all muscle and strength and is an exceptional athlete.

Trust your heart, you are an experienced Mom and quite frankly, waiting a few months to initate therapy is not going to have an adverse impact on her development. Sweet girl has enough going on in her heart and head..

Best Regards,
Joan (M.D. - but more importantly M.O.M. to 3 international adoptees)

Samantha said...

Oh she is adorable! Sounds like you know what you are doing! We all need to follow our instincts as we (who are spending the most time with them) know what is best for our girls/boys! You sound like a fabulous Momma!

Magi said...

When we brought Sera home, I took her to our family doctor for her first check up. He'd been part of our process and was eager to be her doctor, too. Then we brought her to him, he dismissed any adoption-related issues, refused to do any tests, etc... I made an appointment with a new doctor who I was referred to by other parents with daughters from China.

We adopted Sera on April 2, 2007. Even though it was quite apparent to all of us that she was delayed, I held off her EI evaluation until July. I wanted to give her time to adjust and catch up on her own, and she did. When she had her evaluation, she was found to be close enough that they did not recommend any therapies. I know we were very lucky, but my point is that she made HUGE progress in three months on her own. It is amazing how she flourished with love and attention and food.

Trust your instinct!

the4morans said...

Helo, I have stumbled across your blog, I don't even know how! It has become one of my daily "reads"! Your daughter is beautiful! We also have boys, and I long for a daughter! Your journey has been inspiring! We also live in SW Florida....We are in Bonita....anyway, I had to laugh about the dr visit, I have a feeling we may go to the same one! I have had experiences with mine as well, when she tends to think she is in charge of my boys....does her last name begin with "M"? :) Melissa Moran/

Diana said...

You are her MOM and you should do with what you know if best for your daughter. Even though you know she is a good Dr she is just that a Dr. not a mom and a not a adoption specialist..
I personally agree with you..
ps..she is just adorable:)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos.. Eme is sooooo CUTE..
I am glad she is progressing more and more each day... she has a wonderful family and she is going to do well....
I can't believe the dr.. but you know what is best for her so do what your heart tells you.
Have a great week.
Thanks for the update..

Alyson and Ford said...

You are doing great!
Since you know our story, you know that your daughter needs time and I wouldn't put her anywhere right now except in your arms! We have been home eight months so it does take time and we still don't feel that our AA should be with anyone else. You go with what is right for your child. Also, AA was 24 months old and 19 lbs on gottcha day. Your E. will thrive! Give her time! Again, YOU are doing great (and so isn't E.!!).
Happy sleeping!! (once AA slept through the night, it took us another week to relax and sleep through the night ourselves!!).

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Alyson and Ford said...

P.S. She is beautiful! Love the photos!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Kim said...

Emerson is beautiful and you're doing all the right things! You're dealing with attachment issues first and that's the most important thing right now. She has a lifetime to catch up on developmental skills- she sounds like she has already made huge progress already!

Can you do a search for a ped. in your area that specializes or at least has experience in international adoption? Liam was 75th %tile for height and 90th %tile for weight on the Asian charts and 12th %tile for height and 50th %tile for weight on American charts. That's a huge difference!!!

Does Florida offer an Early Intervention Program? In NH - Easter Seals comes to your house and does early intervention. Then does the therapy in your home. If you're not ready for therapy, they can give you suggestions on ways to help him/her progress.

Just some thoughts - but really Tracy, she looks awesome to me! So ridiculously cute!!!!! (And your son's curls....scrumptious!)

Christine said...

You're such a great mom! Stinks about the doctor's attitude about therapy. As far as the "failure to thrive" label...I think they often need a label for insurance purposes. This way if you do need additional therapies, ie. nutritionists, etc. Your insurance will cover it because you have a "diagnosis."

But, it sounds like things are getting better quickly. It won't take months.

Alyson and Ford said...

By asking other families in our local FCC group, we were able to hook up with a Doctor's group experienced in international adoptions.
We could not be happier at this point. Something as simple as AA being measured on the southern China growth chart as opposed to northern was something we would not have thought to do. Her doctor spent over an hour with her on the first visit just getting to know her and to help make her more comfortable before the first poke or prod.

We also called the Florida Early Steps program (easy to find with a google search) and scheduled a "free" evaluation work-up on AA. They were very professional and we appreciated their feedback.

Kayce said...

Love all the pictures! Eme is just a sweetheart! Again thanks for sharing all your new steps with us gals who are waiting, I at least am taking notes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all !!! Debi

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I think you are doing the right know your girl better than anyone else and right now she needs to feel secure above all else.

Good news on the sleeping....sounds like you have made a lot of progress there.

She is just beautiful.....and that hat...TOO CUTE:)


3 Peanuts said...


Eme is SO darned CUTE I cannot stand it.

Re: the therapy....they came to our house and I was there with Kate the entire time. The physical therapist juts showed ME things to do with Kate to strengthen her muscles so she would catch up on the crawling and walking and coordination. I am SO SO SO glad we did it because it was a bonding floor time for us and it helped her a lot. Also, it gave me very specific things to do with her. At first I thought...I have 2 kids...I know what to do but really the therapists taught me a lot. they only came for about 2 months but it was GREAT!!!! It was a time to get on the floor and just be with Kate (which was hard then because like you I had the boys home for summer)

Oh I waited until Kate had been home 4-6 weeks before we started though...but it was good all around. I am not saying you should do it but I wanted to let you to know our experience.

Also HArry was labeled failure to thrive just means that they are not gaining weight and height at the "normal" rate and it needs to be documented for malpractice purposes. I HATED that label in him too. But he would NOT gain weight as a baby.

Eme will catch up very quickly in all areas...I know it.
So glad the sleeping is going well.

laurie said...

It sounds like things are getting a bit easier at home? I hope so. Thanks for all the cute pics.

You have a lot of comments here & I didn't read all so I apologize if this is redundant (I see Kim above mentions similiar) but in WI we have an Early Intervention program and a PT works at home with the parent & child. A friend of mine used for her bio son who was premature and loved it. WHEN SHE IS READY of course-you will know.

You hit the nail on the head, your
MD is a medical expert-but you are an attachment expert (and an Eme expert) Hang in there. She looks to me to be thriving already :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Great pics! I LOVE that smile :-)

I can't believe you physician already labeled FTT. I disagree.. how about a little malnourished. You will be amazed at how fast she grows. Like PiPa.. maddy gained 6 pounds within the first 6 months and grew three inches. Our doctor was totally amazed because "kids don't usually grow much in their 2nd - 3rd years".. hello.. this child is not your everyday child who has lived in the land of plenty all her life. Maddy was also very limber. She could do the straddles and did so very often the first 6 months. As her lower body strength increased, the ability to stretch started to go away. She can no longer do straddles but she still has some flexibility. She also used to weeble when she walked. Marty and I would tease how she looked like an old grandma. so much I could say but you get the point. Your Eme will be fine. And.. you have a wonderful pool and hottub.. you can do your own therapy in the pool and after baths etc.
Glad to hear sleep is getting better. :0) We pray for you daily!! :0)

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a wonderful thing that you have educated yourself and that you TRULY know what is best for your child. Shame on the doctor for not having a clue! Hooray for Emes Mommy! Take her back to the doctor in a few months so she can see how your beautiful daughter has blossomed physically and emotionally given the opportunity to not being subjected to more trauma. Her nutrition and opportunity to strengthen her muscles in the safe environment of her home will most likely have her "thriving" in no time.

Kris said...

That must have been one frustrating appt... but I'm glad to see your incredible strength as a mom and your daughter's advocate. Sad to think you practically have to hand your doctor a book on attachment for her to "get it" ... but you are doing all the right things for baby E. And she's making strides already, slowly but surely. I sit in awe of all these parents that have gone before me... you guys are rockstars.


ellie said...

My daughter has been home for 14 months and at age 20 months she weighed 17 pounds and could crawl a little but could not stand or walk or feed herself or really much at all; Today she weighs 28 pounds at 35 months and is in the 40% for her weight. She is only in the 10th for her height but she was not on the charts for either. She learned to walk at age 22 months and she now jumps and skips and does every single thing age appropriately. I've only just started to leave her in the church nursery and there is no way she would have been okay with that any earlier. You are an experienced mom and you have those 3 bright little boys around to stimulate and love Eme, she will do awesome -(I have 3 other children also and they have helped our little Tia in so many ways!) Keep trusting your intuition and keep holding that baby - you are a wonderful mom, it is obvious in every way :) hugs.

emilyb said...

Your family is precious! I have been following your blog since Kim at 3 Peanuts did a post about you. Eme is just darling- what a beautiful girl. Blessings to all of you!


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing. When I brought my daughter home (at almost 14 months) she could not crawl, etc. I decided to wait awhile before getting her involved in early intervention. A few months later when they evaluated her she did not qualify. They said that although she was still a little behind they felt that from what I told them she was making progress and there was no need to get her in therapys and etc. They did say if stops improving then to call them again. My daughter is now 6 years old and she is just fine. She is like any other 6 year old. I really felt that she needed time to just get use to her new life. It worked for us. Good luck and follow your heart in this matter.

Snugglebug Mama said...

Boy - seeing your comments and some of the feedback from others makes me realize how blessed I am to have a certified nurse practiciner who is VERY familiar with Int'l adoption (being an adoptive mom herself) so I had the opposite experience; keep doing what your doing, keep the bottle for at attachement etc... Good luck and stick to your guns!