Sunday, January 17, 2010

brain dump

*My neighbor is flying out on a private jet with 4 others to help in Haiti tomorrow. Him & his family would do anything for anyone. We'll be sending mucho prayers till Dr. Phil returns.

*There is a lizard running loose in my house. We caught his tail, so essentially, we have a tailless lizard on the loose.

*I'm addicted to that Melting P0t seasoning that Col gave me last time she was here. I use it on everything!

*I am trying to redo my blog and I'm struggling. I need a new look and I just don't get why I find it to be so complicated. Kind of like itunes.

*Now my computer won't recognize my iphone. It's rather annoying. We had our itunes mojo going on for awhile and now it won't sync right and my phone is unrecognizable.

*My favorite show is Br0thers & Sisters, but I love me some American Id0l try outs....& if Sim0n leaves, I can't say I'll watch.

*Today was the official first day of shorts and flip flops in awhile...bout damn time.

*My kids are out of school on Mon & Tue. Sadly, their Mother didn't realize that till a few hours ago and it was rather difficult to hide my disappointment.

*Had a snowbird standing on my lanai when I heard her tell her husband, I just don't think I'd like all the kids running around....took every bone in my body to not flip her ass in the pool.
One of those kids running outside playing was my baby boy.

*Got my roots *derooterized*...I feel much sassier without my 4 inch roots showing.

Can't remember if I blogged it or not, but I canned the -child devel0pmental specialist- who was a waste of my time and had a pediatric PT evaluate her. She was fabulous and just what Eme needs. We will begin therapy this week. Eme has collapsing ankles and I need to get therapy going so she can get a script for pediatric orthotics. In the past 2 weeks, I've really noticed a lot of sensory issues. We have an appt with the Neuro Reorg doc in Feb when she comes to Florida.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE flipflop and short weather... but I wear my flip flops year around..
Can't wait to see your new blog look.. whatever you choose will be WONDERFUL..
I LOVE Brother's and Sisters.. I am watching it right now... as for AI.. I am with you...
Have a fun couple days with the kids home..
Have a great week...

Liz and Ava said...

If you don't already know, "The out of sync child" is an excellent book on sensory issues, giving lots of examples of activities to treat the sensory seeking or sensory avoidant child. I found it a world of help for my sensory seeking child.

Kayce said...

So wish we could be in shorts and flips right now! Instead we are being hit with the storm of the century here in Cali. UGG! Putting on the Sorels today.

The blog thing is the bane of my existence right now...when you figure out how to make it an easy experience will you let me know. ;)

Anonymous said...

dr phil as in THE dr phil?

littlemistermanpants said...

I see you are in need of a blog revamp... I would love to help if you have any ideas and just need a graphic designer. :)

Colleen said...

LOVES me some A.I tryouts and Simon's snark. :)

Melting Pot spice goes on everything...even my cereal (kidding...)

Flip Flops? U suck.


t~ said...

Liz, thanks for the book suggestion. I'll be checking that one out soon.

Anon, dr. phil as in OUR dr. neighbor who just shares the same name;0)

Col, book your ticket and bring your flip flops!

Colleen said...

My daughter Livi (adopted from Korea) has SPD/SID...she has been in therapy for awhile now...there are a lot of good websites out there and books to read up on : )

3 Peanuts said...

Will had sensory issues BIG TIME and Kate has a few lil ones. I agree the "out of sync child" is a great book.

LOVe brothers and sisters and Idol. But my favorite new shows are Modern Family and Cougartown. I laugh SO hard!