Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Bullet Brain Dump

*What's up with all the insecure husbands on 0range C0unty HW? Seriously??? All the stupid dudes had to tag along on a 'girls weekend' that another girl planned because why??? THEY ARE INSECURE??? Ridiculous. I'd be totally pissed if I planned a girls weekend with 5 girls and 3 of the husbands showed up because they don't travel without their spouses...then stay home! Every girl needs girl time and every husband can live a few days without their wife. Good golly. I don't even care for Vicky, but I really felt bad for her in that situation since she planned the whole thing. I couldn't live with someone who felt I wasn't allowed to be away from him. So ridiculously insecure and immature.

*& speaking of those same group of girls....what's up the new girl who can't travel without her spouse because they don't want 'temptation' to enter their marriage and she has her boobies hanging out everywhere she goes?

*It's stupid cold here in SWFL! STUPID COLD. We had to turn our heat on for the first time in 5 years. I know many of ya'll will make fun of our cold front, but seriously, us Floridians are not use to this. We have thin blood and we also have a limited supply of closed toe shoes and sweater garb. My boys own 1 pair of jeans each, usually there is no need for more.

*I LOVE True Religi0n Jeans, but why don't they fit me right?

*I find the kid adoption books to be filled with lies. They are really disgusting me. I have a pile that I will be ditching. I refuse to fill my daughter's head with some fairy tale story...especially the books that claim she has 2 mommies. Well how freaking scary would that be as a child? She has 1 Mommy....that's me.

*I think the Bachel0r is a tool. Several friends didn't agree. My really good friend thought he was a HOT tool. No difference in my book...a tool is a tool is a tool.

*The C0nvey0r Belt of L0ve show....? yeah.

*I fired Eme's child devel0pmental specialist. I did blog about her and after the comments I totally agreed that I just need to let her go. She was a waste of my time and I have ZERO time to waste. I have a Pediatric PT coming on Monday. We'll see. It certainly won't hurt Eme, but I know that her problem lies within the midbrain and we plan on seeing a specialist for that next month.

*Sometimes it just feels good to dump your brain somewhere before you attempt a good night's sleep. =0)


Wendy said...

I am a lurker on your blog but I found your bullet about the children's books intriguing. I think you should do a post about that. I feel the same way but also feel like I'm being a bad AP if she doesn't have some of those books. I would love to hear further thoughts from you on this. Way to stand up!

Lindsay said...

I also agree with you on the adoption stories. I'm fine with the stories with scenarious about adoption and babies needing family, but not with the 2 moms stuff. With all the attachment problems we faced, the last thing I want to do is tell Hannah she has an absent mom lurking out there somewhere. How does that help her understand I am forever if there is someone else with the same title as me around? When she is older and has more cognitive development then obviously different language can be used, but for now I don't want the confusion or the insecurity the idea of an unknown mother might bring.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a lurker, and I agree about the adoption books. I did find one book that I would suggest. "Letter of Love from China" by Bonnie Cuzzolino
I have two daughters 7 & 5, when Ciara started asking questions this is the one book that seemed make her at peace.....just knowing that she wasn't forgotten. It explains the reasons and culture etc.....As I said I would suggest this.
Your Em is beautiful, and I'm glad that things are working out for you all.
Blessings from PA
Mom to Ciara and Caelyn

t~ said...

Glad to know others find these books ridiculous. & thanks Anon, I'm going to check that book out. It sounds more up my alley! I'm all about talking openly to Eme about the unknown, the culture and possible reasons, but I'm not about the fairy tale books.

Sandra said...

Wow, isn't the blog world amazing? Here you write a little bullet about children's books and look at the reaction! I am intrigued by the book mentioned above and will definitely check it out.

As for books we currently own, after watching the documentary "Adopted", I knew some of those books had to go.

I like Wendy's suggestion about you doing a post about this topic. I have some things to say about it myself and might do a post as well, if you don't mind ;-)

I'm Adopted and I'm Adopting said...

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you for being brave enought to put down into words what we are all thinking. Especially on a public blog! It helps to know we are not alone!

Tawni said...

Fantastical post!

Totally agree with the 2 mom's thing...

Now, I need to plan a llloooonnnggg girls' weekend...

thegreybullet said...

I am always impressed and amazed with your writings! How true it is with so many of the books to fairy tale the whole experience. Hooray you are so honest! I am off to buy the documentary "Adopted". Thanks again!