Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crawling for M&M's

Part of Eme's NR treatment is to crawl and creep 20 minutes each per day. So far we've managed to get a good 12 minutes out of her every other day. The trick is bribery ;0)
Some days she just isn't in the mood and she is not going to have anything to do with it, so we aren't forcing it, because we want it to be fun...seeing as how she'll probably be crawling for the next 10 years. (insert sarcasm)
So if the gal isn't up for crawling, then it's a no go on the M&M's. I'm looking high and dry for the teeny tiny M&M's and can't find them. Anyone know where to get those?

& on another note: I'm keeping the brown shoes and returning the black ones..just in case anyone was curious. Laurie guessed my reasoning behind the brown =0) & if my good friend Alison had a bigger foot, I'd pass the black ones off to her, she really needs to get in touch with her inner hooker self, just sayin;0)


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff!

Check the drug stores for the Mini M & M's in the tubes...CVS and Walgreens have them...usually at the registers...just saw them today!

Anonymous said...

My Target has the mini M-n-M's now for easter in the individual packets right now. If not I second the Walgreens suggestion.

Anonymous said...

The mini m&ms usually come out during the holidays (for passing out) in mini individual bags inside a big bag. There may be some leftover Valentine's ones and definitely Easter ones are now available at Target. Also, Party City sells the tubes of mini-ones.

Wanda said...

Wow....good for you. This looks like a lot of fun (in ten years, maybe not so much).


Lindsay said...

Ok, I *know* it is pathetic I know this but....

there is an official mini m & m online store - so much chocolate, so little time! :)


Jane said...

How about just tiny chocolate chips? Would she work for those?

t~ said...

Our Target has the mini packages, but the M&M's are regular size. I'll have to check Walgreens.

In a million years, I would have never thought to order M&M's Lindsay, that's funny!

Jenn said...

I've seen the mini ones in the checkout at Walmart and if you're lucky, you might find the 12 oz bag of mini m&m's for baking with the chocolate chips.

What good big brothers to crawl along side their sister for support!

Ani said...

The very definition of family therapy :)
Go Eme go!

Liz and Ava said...

Way to go Eme!
She uses her toes to push off already! Ava has been doing her NR for 11 months now and still rarely uses her toes. Pushes with her knees and elbows. We use a strip of linoleum too...but I have recently put the foam interlocking coloured mats under the linoleum as she was starting to callous her knees and elbows. We have worn out the knees and elbows in many outfits!
Not wanting to be critical...but noticed(actually Ava pointed it out) that Eme has socks on...we were always instructed that all crawling was to be in bare feet...something about providing the feet with full sensation. Just in case it was an oversight.
We also use the mini chocolate chips.
It's great that she has such a great cheering squad with the boys!

Debra said...

Wonderful family! Loved sharing the experience with your family. You guys are such a great family. I have no doubt that Eme will be just fine. Loved the part where W had to stop to pull up his pants...too cute!
Thanks for sharing,

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

I would totally bust my ass & embarrass us all in those shoes . . . & I'm not sure my chiropractor would approve =)

Wow, GO EME!! Looks like she's made some serious gains just since last week . . . she wasn't even moving her body along before. I think we'll all be amazed at how quickly she picks it up.

Cole totally cracks me up.

Mali says hi to her buddy Weston. She misses him. & she thought Eme standing up & running for the candy was hysterical LoL

Definitely 86 the socks - I think the belly crawl is the only one that they say bare feet for. I would personally recommend socks ON for her hands/knees crawling, though. M used to get blisters on the tops of her feet without thick socks on for that one.

See . . . isn't this fun?!

t~ said...

Thanks fellow NR gals, I was thinking it was the crawl with socks and the creep without socks. Guess I had that backwards, thanks for the heads up!

Jenn, the brothers only crawled cause they also wanted chocolate

Steffie B. said...

Love hearing your voice and calling her Emmie.....my Emmie is the only other Emmie I know! ;) Not a name you hear often.

Shannon said...

I was wondering how you would get her to do that. I have the chocolate but need more manpower! 12 minutes is pretty amazing! Go Eme!

osolomama said...

t~ May I ask you something? I notice Eme stands (and walks?) What is the reason for having kids practise crawling/creeping when they have already reached the standing milestone? Just curious because Simone bypassed crawling and went straight to standing; however, she hadn't been institutionalized. Please don't take this as in any way doubting anything.

t~ said...

osolomama, By bypassing the crawling/creeping phase, a child's brain does not develop in the same way. So we are going back and spending time with Eme in order to develop those connections to her neurological system that never had the chance to be made since she, like most babies in China, have very little to zero tummy time.

You can read more here on everything that crawling/creeping can help with: http://www.naturalworldhealing.com/developmental_movement_essay.htm

Kim said...

I work in pediatric neurological therapy center--(with an early intervention program for under 3's)--and I so get what you are doing. What you are doing is so great--and surprisingly, even babies in America are getting less and less tummy time. So many parents are clueless about it,and so many babies are just kept in their car seats for most of the day.

I love you boys in this video--such great brothers, even if they were only in it for the chocolate! ;) What a wonderful and loving family you are for your little angel.