Monday, February 22, 2010

Key West Album

Dear T&A, check your email =0)


Colleen said...

OMG your scrapbook pages rock!!!! I love them!!!!! : ) the pictures are great.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great photos..
I sooo need to get that program..
Ok. you have to let me know what pandora necklace that is..I was in buying some beads the other day and I can't find the long one???
Have a great week..

Laurie said...

I am a picture person and those are fabulous. I love the pages. That's it...I'm going digital.

There is a whole lot of Pandora going on in the last photo!

You and the hubs always look like you're having such a great time.

Wanda said...

Oh my....your scrap pages are WOW. I was expecting one or two. You have a book here.


ddcirclemusic said...

great photos~ despite the cold....Key West is always fun. We just booked our a boat trip there for June, staying at the Galleon Marina with the boat... can't wait. Thinking of doing Marco tho in March or April...will let you know. This damn weather has to get better so we can actually use our boat. Hope all is well.

Daniella said...

oops that was me Daniella with the above comment... forgot to log out of our business email.

Tori said...

Those pages are fabulous! is the digital software really that easy to use?

shelley said...

Can you share some of your wonderful secrets?

I am just beginning and would love some tips.

Love your courage and honesty. It helps the rest of us that are struggling.

Pinky said...

I love your scrap booking pages. What program do you use? Is it easy to use. Thank you for sharing.
dancincuty78 @ aol .com

Kris said...

LOVE the way you put these photos together!! totally fabulous.

i'm SHOCKED however that you're wearing jackets in KEY WEST!!! i thought it was only cold enough for that up here (down to 32 again last night!!! for freaks sake).