Thursday, August 6, 2009

17 months old, 2 months home, 2 months into summer break.....sigh....

(the cute shirt was a gift from her)

*My girl is 17 months old and she is cruising through babyhood and lining herself up pretty fast to be a toddler. She says hi, Kita, doggy, up, thank you, Dada, up, and she mimics sounds, such as her brothers names. She knows who Mommy is by pointing to me, she knows who Daddy is by pointing to him, she knows who Eme is by pointing to herself, but yet she only really says Dada for us all. She is standing on her own and has taken her first step towards me. She gets from point A to point B in a flash. She is Ms. Grabby hands and everything in her reach is fair game. She squawk's like a parrot, still. We ignore the behavior and she will then sign what she wants. She is a snack queen and we always travel with her crackers in her snack cup at all times. She is gaining weight, strength and the ability to be separated from me for a short amount of time. Emotionally, my girl is opening her heart for Daddy all the way and completely adores her brothers. We've stuck with the "Nancy Thomas" way and though it was hard, we are proud that we stuck with it and followed the advice of an expert, especially in the first weeks home when things were very rough on her emotionally.

In other news:

*I enrolled little boy W in kindergarten today. 3 down....1 to go. I can't believe that he is going into kindergarten already. Where does the time go?

*The ladies in the office were kind enough to spill the beans on who C's teacher would be and low and behold.....I'm satisfied. Every year I have to fight for that child and this year, the clouds parted and they managed to take care of my boy all on their own without me having to fight it out for him. Of course, she threw in the disclaimer that 'it could always change' better not.
*C's fabulous teacher that he had last year left the elementary school and moved to the middle school that he will be at NEXT year. Could we get lucky enough to get her twice for the same child that really needs a teacher like that???? God I hope so.

*There are 2 teacher options that I'm hoping W gets next year, though the other ones might be marvelous, I've just been told by EVERYONE who I should want for W.

*G has informed me that I don't need to worry about him. It's a good thing. =0)
*The W*i Act*ve is the bomb, though it's causing some serious damage to my bad knees. It's a nice reminder as to why I quit running on pavement and why I just can't do ljump lunges....though I am pushing through and dealing with swollen painful knees for now.

*Did you all go sign that petition? If not, read below and sign.
*I FINALLY opened the email up from my agency that they sent the week we returned from China. I wish I hadn't opened it. It's full of MORE paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. Good lordy, I'm so sick of paperwork. BC*BS has been completely incompetent in getting our daughter added to our insurance, I just don't want to deal with more paperwork.
*I called and left a message with US Citizenship to find out where her green card is....? I don't understand everything I need, but I don't want to trade her Chinese passport in for an American one. It's just one link from her past to present that I don't want to turn in.

*Speaking of agency's. My small China only agency has been nothing short of A+. They were exactly what I had been promised and lived up to the reputation that they have earned. I'm so glad that we switched to them, even after paying the fees with another LARGE agency. They came highly recommended and I would highly recommend them to anyone. ANYONE.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 17 months Emme... she is changing in every photo you take.. sooooo BEAUTIFUL...
I need to get that book or cd so that I know.. sounds like it is amazing...2 months home .. doesn't seem real.. but sounds like even though they were tough in spots is all worked out..
as for school starting.. WOW.. can't believe the summer is over.. I know what you mean by growing up.. they say it happens fast..but you don't really realize it till it happens to you..
1 leaving home about took everything I had.. Have a great few days before the kids go back to school.. then it is just Mommy and Eme all day..
LOVE the update. .have a great weekend..

Sandra said...

17 months old already. She is beautiful and I simply adore those dimples!!!!!

Sounds like great things are happening for you all around!

a Tonggu Momma said...

She is growing and changing so fast. Too cute! And the Wii Fit (yoga)? Destroyed my knees, too.

Meg said...

you'll get her chinese passport back with the american one- it will be clipped in the corner (just like an expired american one is when you get it back with your new one).....she is a beauty and if you don't mind- could you email me your agency- the one we used to bring EK home is closing and well, you never know! good luck with the paperwork- it is neverending.....

Kramer said...

Oh what a difference 2 months makes! Happy 17 month Eme! She gets more beautiful each day (is that possible?) Glad to hear all the good news with the boys and school!

M :-) said...

Eme is so beautiful! Molly used to call all of us "Dada" too. She knew I was Mommy, but would look at me and say "Dada"! ;-)

I've been doing the Wii Active, too ... but I feel like it's making my legs big - ack! I have terrible knees (three surgeries) and the jumping lunges kill me!

Dawn said...

You don't get a greencard. She became a citizen the second she arrived. Way back they got greencards but then it changed, you will get a COC. Lily got a greencard Rosie got a COC in the mail. We had to apply for a COC for Lily. If you have ques' email me you have the addy.
And yes you will get her chinese passport back. You can already apply for her ss number and then go straight for the passport. ( have fun at the SS office that a divine place to hang out.

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Happy 17, E!

I agree with G - u don't need to worry bout him . . .

Who is the teacher for Cole? (e mail me - my cell is off till next week).

E's Certificate of Citizenship should arrive in the mail shortly - or at least that's what happened with us. We never got a green card (?) I still have M's Chinese passport. U don't need to turn that in, but it won't be valid (obviously) after she gets her USA document.

emilyb said...

Eme is so beautiful- you can see the happiness she feels in her eyes! And those dimples...oh my- absolutely precious!!!

Colleen said...

Yea... the Pres. sends you her cert. Kinda cool to see an envelope from the White House!! :-)

G - no worries.
C - so glad he got the good teacher!
W - kindergarten? Shite.
And E - 17 Cuter every day and I cannot wait to see the whole family in 36 days!!!!!

Kris said...

Where does the time go?? 17m already?! God that smile could light up the world!! I don't understand all the document stuff. Shi** I am so stressed right now just trying to keep it together getting ready to leave. I need... valium or something.