Monday, August 31, 2009

Where there is bad, there is always good...

Den*ise Amber L*ee
I've been completely glued to Court TV every single day this past week and the week to come. In SWFl, there was a beautiful, innocent mother of 2 that was taken out of her home and put through more hell on this earth than Satan himself could have offered up. Here's a short recap of history:

Den*ise Amber L*ee Denise was a 21-year-old, loving mother of two boys, Noah (2years) and Adam (6 months). She also was the beloved wife of Nathan, who worked three jobs so that Denise could stay home and raise their children. On the day Denise was abducted from the Lees' rented home in North Port, she had just put the boys down for naps. Somehow, the intruder gained entry and control of Denise, who most likely saved her children's lives by cooperating with this monster, locking a door that never latched properly and shutting the windows. Denise's father, Detective Rick G0ff, was able to call on all area state, county and municipal law-enforcement agencies to search for Denise and her captor immediately following her abduction. This was one of the most massive, cooperative search efforts that this area ever experienced. In the hours that ensued, Denise fought mightily for her life against a man much larger than she. In her battle, she was able to use the captor's cell phone to call 911, and act she thought would save her life. She was not the only one to call 911 that day regarding this crime. There were at least four other calls, one from her distraught husband and three from eyewitnesses. One witness gave the local sheriff's department an exact location of the crime happening in the car behind her. She stayed on the phone for more than nine minutes, identifying cross streets as she continued driving. Because of the chaos and a "shift change" in the call center during this time, the call did not result in a dispatch of officers in the area. In fact, as many as four patrol cars were within a mile of the car in which Denise was fighting for her life. The next few days were difficult ones. The assailant was arrested, and hundreds of law enforcement personnel and volunteers searched for Denise. On the morning of January 19, 2008, her body was found naked in a well-hidden grave, dead from a gunshot wound. Denise was cunning, and she left behind many clues. Most important was her 911 call, during which she duped her captor into believing that she was talking to him rather than a 911 operator. She pulled out some of her own hair and left it in the car so that investigators would have DNA evidence. She also hid a ring, a unique an d sentimental keepsake that her husband could easily identify. It is in memory of Denise and the tragedy that befell someone so undeserving that this Foundation is formed. Had 911 operators responded properly and quickly to these calls, Denise's life could have been saved.

The jury took 2 1/2 hours to come back with a guilty verdict on all charges and tomorrow morning begins the next penalty phase to decide life or death for this sonofab*&%# that didn't give a second thought to rather this young Mom lived or died. I will be watching courttv at 9:00 when the family is able to give there impact statements. I've always been able to see both sides of the death penalty debate, but I am very happy that this asshole lives in a state where he will most likely be handed the verdict of death by needle, though I believe he is getting off way to easy. You can read more about Den*ise Amber L*ee by googling her name.

Hell was meant for M*chael K*ing & I even think that's to good of a place for his soul.


On the Good Note of Life, I had to pass along to the world that my neighbor received confirmation that her daughter Jaylee passed the medical exam and they will be allowed to travel to bring her home! (Probably next week!) They have been knee deep in the ridiculous rules of the CDC and TB. If you haven't signed the petition, please do:

Jaylee could have been home 6 months sooner had this backwards rule been tweeked to fit the circumstances.

Our hearts are full of joy for their family who has waited exactly one year to bring her home since seeing her cute little mug. I can't wait to see her running around with all the kids in our cul -de-sac!


3D said...

Reading the first part, had me cover my mouth to hold my jaw up as I was stunned. Senseless and horrible.

I am so happy that your friend won the battle!!

Keep smilin!

Kris said...

God I had forgotten about this T and I'm glad you posted it to remind me... her courage is what I focus on, always. I have to, otherwise it IS senseless and her death is without meaning.

I'm so happy for your friends-!! Congratulations to them- guess I might see them in China??

laurie said...

How awesome for your friends/neighbors! They have waited far too long.

I had heard about this horrible crime a while back on television. Unspeakable. I am surprised it took the jury as long as it did. Where does so much hate and sickness come from?

Daniella said...

No words to add about the bad of your post but wow my heart is so very happy for your friends finally bringing their daughter home... I like good ;)

Shari U said...

I don't know what to say about that poor mom....

I'm thrilled for your neighbors who are finally able to go get their daughter. This adoption stuff hasn't been easy there on your cul-de-sac, has it? You mom's will stand there in amazement watching all your kids run around and seeing your dreams finally realized.

Tawni said...

Unbelievable story. John and I had just been talking about it and how we wish it did't take years to actually use the death penalty on people like him...I hope the worst for him. Seriously.

So thrilled for you neighbor! Beautiful little girl. So glad she'll be coming home.

Melissa said...

I remember this story......It just distgusted me so much.....she did all the right things....sometimes I just don't understand.

Colleen said...

In the case...eye for an eye. Sonofabitch.... I feel sick to my stomach.

I am so happy for M. How cool would it be if we were there when they came home?

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephanie and scott said...

What a sick sob who hopefully will get what he deserves, though you're right, it's too easy.

I was just thinking of Michelle and wondering if they had heard any news! So happy for them!