Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 words

We are ready! The lunches are packed, the clothes are picked out and doggonenabbit the alarm is set for 6:30. I will resume my regular schedule of gym time at 7:00, where 2 of my boys will catch their bus. My little guy is going to kindergarten!!! I have no idea how that happened, but it's now become apparent to me, that they do grow up way to fast. I'm looking forward to a little routine, but I'm not looking forward to homework & I'm not really sure how Emerson is going to fit into this routine....she likes to sleep till about 8:30.
I will also begin a new juicing diet tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it to see how I feel after a week or two. I've never done juices before, but the kitchen is completely overflowing with organic fruits and vegetables and I now have no choice but to make use of them now=0)
So here we go....we are off to a fresh new year!


Diana said...

Great pictures..summer goes way to fast. I like the routine of school but hate the routine of school.(does that make sence)..I think a 4 day school week would be so much better:)
Can not wait to hear about the juice diet as I need a kick in the @$$ to get me back on track!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great photos...
Have a great week..
Let me know how the juicing goes.. I would love to try if it works..
And I know you like herbal life and I really enjoyed but now I don't have my girl to get it anymore..
Can't wait to see 1st day of school photos..

Pug Mama said...

I love how W looks down right pissed in the "going back to school" photo!

Mindi said...

Please keep us posted on the juice diet!! I also need something drastic....going on a cruise with some girlfriends in 25 days!

Marla said...

Awwwww, look at your big girl! Good luck to your school boys, mine start tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to getting up either, but I am glad we'll be back in a routine.

I started juicing last week (with your same juicer, which I just saw on FB) and love it so far. I sure hate cleaning the dang thing up though!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I am starting the juicing thing too...hoping it gives me the energy that I seemed to have misplaced somewhere!!

Good luck with with the first day, and welcome back to routine:)

laurie said...

W and G both look as though they could use a little more vacay! I feel their pain as I go back to school tomorrow. Where does summer go?

The juicing sounds interesting...keep us posted and keep the pics of Miss E coming:)

Kayce said...

Hope everyones first day was great!

Suzie said...

Wow - she is getting so big!!

I'd love to hear more about the juicing diet you are doing. I've done a juice detox/diet several times and I never make it for more than a week. The first 2-3 days are brutal as your body craves everything it is used to. If you are a coffee drinker, watch out - caffeine withdrawals are PAINFUL!! :o)

Good luck!