Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 words

Eme began walking this full throttle this week. We even had to make a stop to the specialty shoe store to try to find a brand that fits her teeny tiny feet. Her heels are the size of my thumb and all the shoes I have for her just slide right off. We ended up with the only pair of shoes in the entire store that fit her, pink and white Stride R*tes. They were also the only pair that were 50% off, a deal to good to be true! Eme is using her feet to get herself into all sorts of trouble. She is 'naughty very much.'
Between the grabby hands, the always in motion feet and her fascination with everything, she just can't keep herself out of trouble. My child that could not even roll over, sit up or feed herself 3 months ago is running through the house, destroying all things in her path. She takes no mercy on anything. The week ahead will be very difficult on me and I am already looking forward to next Friday....
We completed one full week of school and it was a total success. Though I have a few
not-so-kind words for our Superintendent who apparently has the brain of fly and has decided that no homework will be graded to count for our middle school students. Kudos to the teachers that are still sticking around and doing their best to 'teach' our kids. It's so unbelievable. This rule affects G, but I have to say on day 2, he was doing his homework at the dining room table. For what reason....? I have no idea, but he is a motivated kid and in the brainiac classes and is working on a full scholarship to his school of choice, but not to many kids have that motivation and drive and I can say that if this rule is still in place next year when C rolls into middle school then it will add more struggle on us to make sure that he knows the work and will certainly not help in preparing him for high school.
In other news: I have been juicing for a full week and I love it. I've had some pretty tasty drinks and some others that I had to choke down. I certainly feel better and have more energy.
I'll try anything once and even if I hate it, I'll drink it up for the health benefits.
W & his starfish. He wanted me to take a photo before he let him go. These photos were taken off my iphone, which turned out better than I expected. Emerson sleeping in her starfish float in the gulf.
That's my girl!
When we got off the boat on Saturday, we walked past the cabana bar and saw this happy fella sitting there with her LV collar on sipping on either a water or gin & tonic. Eme was so excited to see a dogdog sitting at the bar.

Eme's favorite toy is her stroller and baby.


Diana said...

I just can not get over the change in her in such a SHORT amount of time..all I can say is Good Job MOM:)
Why would a kid do homework if it does not count..makes no sense to me (I would have 1 doing it and 1 not).
Hope you have a good week!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW... I truly can't believe how much Eme has bloosomed in such a short time..
SHE is soooo DARLING..
Love all the new things she is doing..
It is sooo exciting..
HOpe you have a good week..

Lindsay said...

I can't believe it's been only 3 months! What an incredible change in your girl. All you effort and hard work has certainly paid off for Eme and your family. She looks so happy and bright and confident. Love all the photos.

Pug Mama said...

check out your sassy girl taking off!!! glad you finally found shoes that fit her - I can't believe how amazing tiny her feet are!!
That dog sitting at the bar is totally up my alley!

HuluMama said...

Unfortunately the HW thing is becoming a nationwide "trend". Don't want to punish the kids who don't have support. Whatever!

You are gonna be a busy woman not that the beautiful girl is walking! Such amazing progres.

Briana's Mom said...

Love the pic of Eme in the water - now that is a girl who knows how to chill. And look at her go! Walking all over - it is amazing how far she has come in such a short time.

Colleen said...

All I know is I wouldn't be doing homework if I knew know one was going to look at rock on G!!

That dog pic is freakin hilarious! I just love it. And an LV collar to boot? Love it more.

Oh Ms. E.... a walking princess. I know you have a tough week ahead. Just keep "juicin" and you'll get thru it. THEN... soon after you will have the "C" clan invading your home. Yeeehaw!

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I so feel your pain!! We call the path of destruction...Hurricane Hayden. Into EVERYTHING, and into it so QUICKLY, I barely bat my eyes and the destruction begins:)

Glad that Eme is doing so well, love her new shoes, and it looks like so does she.

Good luck with the week ahead, and keep juicing...we are doing the same, and some of them are pretty hard to swallow. I am liking most anything with carrots(not sure that is the point)

Laurie said...

E looks so happy! That pic of W is also one of the cutest ever. Give us more info on the juicing. I for one have to find a way to get more energy (although I will not be drinking anything green-it looks like Opr@h's drink you made a while back?

Hope your week flies by.

Lisa~~ said...

Amazing how far Eme has come in such a short time. She'll keep you on your toes! Hope your week goes better than expected.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Look at her go!! It is hard to believe she has only been home three months.....she has really come so far!!

These pictures are so cute!! I love the one of her in the water asleep in her floaty......adorable!!

The homework rule is bizarre....I can't imagine that is going to continue.

Hope you get through your week:)


Dawn said...

Running huh...can't wait till your pediatrician see's her now!

Marla said...

Wow, look at her go! It's amazing how quickly they catch up, isn't it? Love all the pics, you have some super cute kiddos.

What the heck is up with the homework thing? That's bizarre!

Have a great week!!!

Kayce said...

Great three words! And great smiles!! You already know how I feel about that pup picture...LOVE IT!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

time just flys right by doesn't it! Look how big your sweet Eme has gotten in such a short time. I'm just so amazed at these precious little children!
LOVE that little red car.. we had to give ours up last year as Maddy got to big but what a great invention that little thing was/is.

Alyson & Ford said...

The pics tell the story; Life Is Good!!
:) peace

stephanie and scott said...

I remember those days of into everything! Never any rest for the weary! Love the shoes! We had to go to the same store for Meigan! She was 2 and only wearing a size 4 shoe! Have you tried Merimar Outlet in Estero? They have a Stride Rite Outlet. We used them a lot, too:)
On another note, maybe our superintendents are related! They both have pea brains!

Brenda said...

Hi Tracy. I'm Alison's friend. I can not believe the difference in Emerson from Gotcha Day until today. It's truly something to behold. Love her pink shoes. Heck - could anything be cuter? She is just a little pistol and is probably exactly the right little girl to be raised in a household of big rowdy brothers. I pity the guy who picks her up for the Junior Prom..

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have commented- I found your blog through catherinschatter a few weeks ago, and have been hooked since the phone call video! I too am thinking of adopting from China. I just had to say I canNOT believe the wonderful change in Eme! I have loved watching her thrive since she came to be part of your family! Amazing!
Also- I have the same juicer as you do in the photo! LOVE It...have you tried the Raw Food Detox DIet? It is REALLY intense and virtually impssible to stick to BUT- the one thing I came out of it continuing to do was the juice recipe in there- Its called green lemonade and sounds awful but is actually pretty darn good! Just wanted to throw that your way in case you needed a new drink to try :) You can google the recipe for it...I drink it for breakfast most days!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Congrats on your (beautiful!!) little walker!! Georgea is finally crawling in full force, so now we can encourage walking. :-) A couple of questions. Where did you get that cute baby doll? She's darling. And, do you like your juicer? I've been considering getting one for a long time, and would love to hear if your happy with yours.