Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yesterday was a big day around here with the first day of school!

August 24, 2009
G started his last year of middle school....holy shitakes. Let's just all stop and take a deap breathe, while I vomit. My boy will start high school next year....sigh.
G~8th grade

& C will begin middle school next year. Good lordy. I guess my my mind went into overdrive and skipped right through this year. This is C's last year of elementary school.
We are really hoping that C has a fabulous year. He seems to make the school year very stressful on everyone, but this year, he has been requested to be the 'safety patrol' for a little blind girl that he has adored for 2 years now and I hope that will help keep him grounded throughout the year.
C~5th grade
W was very excited about going to school, riding the bus and having real homework like his big brothers. I'm pretty sure that won't last long, but I'll enjoy it while I can.
C & W are going to the same school this year, which I love.
As if all that grown up news wasn't enough,
it was 3 months ago that Eme Grace was placed in my arms.

Time really does fly by when you are done with the waiting part of adoption.
I can't believe how different Emerson looks & how far she has come. She is pretty much walking everywhere, though she still falls down alot, she is talking more and added 2 words together just this morning for the first time, "Hi Dada" when Dada walked into the room.
She is a laid back kinda gal & still maintains the title of my 'good time girl.'
She loves her brothers, she is completely comfortable with her Daddy & she thinks Kita dog is the best friend to have, she also thinks Kita's food is tasty. She is Ms. Grabby Hands and does not sit still for long, she is a wiggle worm to the highest degree. She is exploring the world around her, to the point of driving me insane. She is always, I mean ALWAYS into something. She dances every time she hears music on, she loves to talk on her little toy cell phone and her new hobby is pushing 'baby' around in her stroller. I spend hours just staring at her and I'm
still unsure how we were chosen to be her parents, we really are the luckiest people around & there are no words for how much I love her.


Diana said...

You are boys are so handsome!!! I can not get over the change in them since I started "stalking" opps I mean "following" your blog:)
The difference in E is amazing in 3 months. She is just adorable!!!

Colleen said...

Awwww, I know exactly how you are feeling!! This brought back so many memories for me from last year. I now have one in High S, one in Middle, and a first grader!! Hmmmm, now do I need another little one too!:)
Your boys are so handsome and Emerson is just the cutest!! Here's to a really great year!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your boys are so handsome....total heartbreakers!! I hope that they all have a great year.

The reality has set in here too....I only have a couple years until Nick makes the move and it scares the crap out of me. How on earth do I have a son that is almost in high school.....I am not old enough. That is what I keep telling myself:)

Eme has changed so much.....you really see it when you put those two pictures side by side. She is just adorable!


Marla said...

Oh my word, your kids are just too stinking cute! Everyone looks so big, I can't believe your little curly headed doll is in kindergarten already!!! BOO HOO!!! I'm going to bawl when Jack starts! :)

Hope they have a great first week!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 1st day of school..
Just wait.. they will be graduating High School soon.. times does fly
as for Emerson.. WOW.. it is truly amazing how much she has blossomed..
SHE IS BEAUTIFUL and has come sooo far.. due to a wonderful family..
Have a great week..

emilyb said...

All of your kids are so precious!! Your boys all look so handsome dressed and ready for school. And Eme..well that girl cannot take a bad picture-she is beautiful!

laurie said...

I feel like I've been watching your boys grow up and I guess in a way, I have. They really seem to be such great kids, T. The pic of W and C- too much cuteness.

The difference in E is striking. Her personality has just exploded, hasn't it?

So glad you're finding time to keep blogging.

Debbie said...

I am thinking Eme and Darci are made from the same mold!!! Eme is doing most of the same things as Darci and there are days she just drives me to the nut house!! Ha!! Wouldn't trade it for the world but sometimes I get real close to the ticket counter!!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Holy cow.. I can't believe how much everyone has grown since I started following your blog. You really do have some handsome boys there T.
And that Eme... she has really blossomed in the last three months. Isn't it so amazing how much change there really is when you put the pictures beside each other.

Julie said...

you certainly are blessed with a beautiful family!

3 Peanuts said...

So beautiful (handsome). They all look fabulous and I love reading about Eme and her wiggly ways:) Did you juice on the first day?

Kris said...

life is good as it speeds by, huh? your kids are amazing. you are truly blessed.

Catherine said...

Great pics of your handsome men heading off to school!!

3 months of love, dedication and so much more are paying off. Eme Grace is blessed to have you for a mommy and all then men in her life to play with and lavish love on her too!