Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer break is coming to an end & OOPS, forgot to mark the videos as public...*now you can view them*

Video one is of the boys playing with their sister. I had no clue they were Flipping her until I dumped the Flip. It's cute, but I noticed how nasty the garage door is and tomorrow I will be cleaning it, maybe.

Eme is learning to walk! She walks like a drunken sailor right now and I just think it's the cutest thing ever.

Isn't she just so darn cute!?! I'm telling you, her cute factor is pretty tootin high in this house.

After our quick, but fun weekend trip away, we've been busy catching up on stuff around here. Nothing exciting, but stuff needs done. The boys go back to school on Monday and I can officially say that I'm ready for some routine around here. We've had a summer full of adjustments and the amount of chaos and commotion is starting to tip my level of sanity to a point that is scary. I believe it was fabulous timing that the boys have been home nonstop with their sister since her homecoming, but...all good things must come to an end. I now hear crazy things that people are doing in the world and my first thought immediately goes to the question, "how many kids did they raise?" I think there should be some sort of amnesty law passed for those that do crazy things that have raised 4 or more kids. I really do.

This summer has been a whirlwind for me. I can't say that I deserve any Mom of the year award, but I would accept the award for being good enough. For the most part, they all wear clean clothes, they eat regularly and they do eat a lot. I have discovered that pool baths are good enough, that sloppy joe's just might be considered nutritious if you use turkey meat and if we miss lunch, well...dinner will be rolling around soon enough. My house is messier than it has ever been and if I mop once a month, then that's also good enough.

Eme Grace has become secure enough in her attachment that I am now able to slip out of the house for a small amount of time and leave her with her Daddy. For me, I am opting to use that time to go to the gym in the morning and then again at night for a 5 mile run. I've gained a little extra fluff doing all this bonding and attachment stuff and I really need to get 'me' back. So all my extra time has been dedicated to working out and I've really had to let things go. That means less time on the computer, the phone, hanging out with my neighbors and playing with my digital software and creating fun photos. I'd really like to do Emerson's video, but time just doesn't allow for that now. My girl is on the go and is always into something. She doesn't sit still and she is fascinated with anything and everything that she can get her hands on. She is absolutely perfect and has made our family complete.

This week we've managed to sit at the government building with all the necessary documents to get Eme's passport and then sit at the social security office for 2 hours to get my girl her number. In 2 weeks we will begin the readoption process. I'm so sick of paperwork and just want it all over, but I really want to take care of this while all the paperwork is still fresh. Once it's all done, I know we'll be golden.

Life will hopefully return to a new normalcy when school starts, but until then...we will be going full speed ahead.


~K said...

Well.. I'm up way past my bedtime (vacation rocks!)and glad to see you are too... gave me something to read and enjoy. Although your video's are marked private and I could not view them!!!

I did get a really good chuckle over the garage door comment... really T??? that is not a clean zone... give yourself a break!

Glad you are finally able to leave for some "me" time to get back to yourself... I envy your determination... run a few for me!

Can't wait to hang with you and meet Eme... and have a few Mich's with good friends.

Sandra said...

Summer break is over here at our house and I am glad to be back into a routine.

So glad to hear things are so much better with Eme and that you can slip away for a while by yourself. It took a long time before I was able to do that.

I am also not able to view your video's :-(

Suzie said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy folling along with you and your family. You are amazing and so dedicated to your family - you inspire me!!!

I'm glad to hear that Eme is adjusting and that you are finally getting your "me" time.

You have a beautiful family. You give hope to those of us still waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting!)

Blessings to you!

Jen in Miami said...

Love pool baths.....I just started running - not yet that into it, I am hoping to run in race for a cure in Oct. its only 3 miles, but for a new running girl it my as well be 10 miles. You truly are lucky to have made such a fabulous blog. It is so awesome that you are able to look back at different times throughout and see what was going on. Enjoy the last few days of summer.....

elisa said...

I could have written this post. This summer has been a huge transition for us too. I too am glad that my 3 boys got to spend time with their new sister but it has been crazy. Pool baths, skipped lunch, crazy paperwork that is neverending. All of that is going on here too. Oh yeah, even the extra lbs.

Being a mom of 4 is tough, and shocking when I remember- Oh my God, there are 4 now!!

Tawni said...

Shut.Up. Those pigtails are stinkin' cute. And her hugs to Garrett, so sweet.

If it makes you feel any better my garage door is about 10x worse...why don't I think to clean it?? Oh, yah, 4 kids and the hubs -seriously. Who has time??

Love the videos.

Lindsay said...

I love the two videos. To see all the kids playing together and Eme having such a huge giggle: beautiful.

But really it is the second video: her hugs to her big brother and then his hand protectively hovering behind her as she stands up to walk again. What a beautiful thing family is.

3 Peanuts said...

Wow_ I would say you are really in top of things girl! Kate has been home 2 years and we STILL don't have her passport of SS#. it is complicated because I did not travel and we moved to TX right as we did our re-adoption but still....I need to sit in those gov't offices. I still don't have TX license and we have been here a YEAR!

I do not spend nearly the time blogging and on the computer that I used to either. Life with 3 or 4 or more kiddos is just too busy!

Good for you for getting in your exercise. I have not exercised in the 2 years Kate has been home and I NEED to...maybe this fall:)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the video's...walking takes a lot of work... Tooo cute..
Glad things are going well..
Glad to hear that you are having some ME time..
That is always a plus..
Have a great week..

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Great videos ! Your emi has the best smile! (well, second best to me since I think Maddy's is pretty awesome) :0)

I wish I had your enthusiasm for working out. Seriously.. I need to work out but there is always a reason why I can't. You should be commended for your determination!

Steffie B. said...

Summer is just about over for us as well.....and I knew it was jsut a matter of time before Miss Eme would calm down a bit....I'm glad for you...."me" time is a must with so many kiddos. ;)

Diana said...

Those videos are so cute. Love her playing hide and seek with the boys. Their laughs are so CUTE!!! I can not get over her walking..she has come along way in such a short time. When she hugs her big brother it just melts my heart..I have always said every boy needs a sister and every dad needs a girl. Watching this really make me wish we would have went for the 3rd.
Have a fun weekend.

3D said...

SO stinkin' cute!

Keep smilin!

Colleen said...

OMG shes walking!!! SOOO cute.. and now the REAL madness starts. Heh...

Pool baths rock. Sloppy Joe's rock. Nuff said.

See you in 3 weeks!

stephanie and scott said...

I can't get over how far Eme has come just in 3 short months! Her walking is too cute! What a priceless memory to have those clips:) I assume Alison is going to help you with the paperwork for the readoption? I gave her everything she needed so if she gives you what I sent, should be simple, minus just having to do more paperwork, but worth the effort to not have the expense of an attorney. Holler if you need anything:)

Meg said...

so stinking cute! and pool baths are a must in the summer- new baby or not! thanks for sharing the videos- she is amazing!

Teresa said...

Caroline has been home 4 years now and we just got her passport. It was delayed just a bit because I didn't know I needed to send her Certificate of Citizenship along with her new birth certificate. Turns out, until a minor turns 18 (or is it 16?), they will need to send all the same documentation every time they renew their passport. After that, their old passport will suffice for renewal. So hang on to that COC!

Laurie said...

Just catching up and thrilled to see how far E has come! It is precious to see how wonderful and protective your boys are with her. That has to be the cutest walk ever. And 5 go girl, I'd have to train for 2 months to get there.

Princess Diaries said...

ahhhh- I love seeing her walk (wobble) to her brother for a big hug! heartwarming :)

Alyson & Ford said...

The second video of E. is just so darn cute! She is adorable! That's a keeper!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eleven Months!

Catherine said...

Oh so cute!! Love her determination and she just keeps at it! Way to go Eme!!

(Sorry friend. Just catching up on some LONG overdue blog reading so there will be late comments coming in. Looking forward to catching up on the last month of your wonderful family!)