Friday, May 15, 2009

11 Pounds??? Are you kidding me? I might be able to pack my laptop and a pair of panties before I max out on the weight limit.

Well in case you are on the countdown with us, we officially are down to 6 days!
6 days to go, before we board a plane at the weeee hours of the morning to fly to the other side of the world where a perfectly wonderful stranger will hand me our daughter.
We had our travel meeting this morning and as reluctant as I've been to really fully believe that we are allowed to travel, with so many others being told that they can not travel, I am starting to believe it *might* really happen. I'm terrified that China will change their mind and we will be left waiting, yet again. Somebody in our group did have their trip cancelled 2 days ago due to a Provincial decision and I am positive that she is devastated. My heart breaks for her and the others that have not rec'd their TA's. This is just all so crazy.
So I really thought I was rockin & rollin on the packing. I have Emerson all packed and really think I did a fabulous job. I have J all packed and was quite impressed with my packing with him and it is only now that I find out that the carry on can't weigh more than 11 lbs. How would anyone pack COO with the 11 lb weight limit? Do they really check this? Gracious. I'm open to suitcase suggestions for carry on. I haven't even packed for me yet! Granted my clothes are lighter than J's, but 11 lbs???? No way.
I only packed 4 pair of shorts and 8 t-shirts for him. Nothing fancy, just casual jas0n wear. I figured it would be all hot and sweaty and he would want to change his shirt for dinner. So we would only have to do laundry every 4 days, but I'm thinking he's just going to have to wear the same stinky shirt all day.
I keep hearing June Car*ter Cash singing, "Time's A Wastin'" in my ear. I've got to get our paperwork in order and once again, we need MORE passport photos. I swear, they seem to disappear. This will be the 3rd or 4th time we've actually had them taken and I seem to always be short by 2.
Tonight we have a business dinner and though J needs to work on Saturday, I'm hoping to hitch a boat ride out for some island time. Hope ya'll have a fab~U~lous weekend!
We HAVE 6 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

11 lbs... WOW.. that is not too much clothing.. Can't wait to see what all you pack.. I am soooooo excited for you girly..
Hurry up 6 days..

Leanne said...

How come every time I read your count down days I get all teary eyed ? I am so so excited for you ! Who made up that dumb 11 lb rule anyway ? WHAT.WERE.THEY.THINKING ?
Obviously they Weren't. Enjoy your island time. 6 DAYS TO GOOOOO !!


Marla said...

Holy crap, 6 days?!?! Wowsers!! So excited for y'all.

We each carried backpacks for carry-ons but they weighed way more than 11 pounds. That must be a new rule. Yikes!

Have a great weekend, hope you get some island time!

Happy Bunny said...

We were in China last summer, and were very worried about all the weight restrictions on both the luggage and the carry-ons... but no one (either here in the US or in China) weighed our carry-ons. And I had heard from so many people that the weight of the checked bags in China would be an issue, but no one even weighed our checked bags during any of our in-country flights, or when we left to return to the US.

Can't wait to hear all about your journey, so happy for you!

Magi said...

The rule was 11 pounds when we went, too. No one ever checked. Our checked luggage was weighed, but not our carry-ons. We each had two, and they weighed far more than 11 pounds. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Island Girl said...

6 DAYS YAHOOO!!! That sucks about the 11 pounds though. I agree that they most likely won't check. I am just glad you know that the laptop is a must have item!! (lol)

OziMum said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I haven't come by in a while, and you're leaving already?!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Least you have your priorities in order (panties & laptop)...what more do you need?!!

Kristy said...

Only 11 lbs. I am never gonna be able to do that. So good luck. I love watching your excitement it makes my heart smile!

Love, Kristy

stephanie and scott said...

I really don't remember the airlines being that strict as far as weighing and somehow I managed to pack for 5 and we did ok. We did buy extra luggage in China to carry home more goodies!

Daniella said...

I'm thinking 11 lbs is a little crazy but I'm sure you'll carry it off - maybe no panties? just kidding.... It's Friday night and my sense of humor is just in full gear;) I would pick you up on our boat if we were closer because I'm hoping for some quiet island time myself this weekend. I laughed at your Jason wear comment, that's what I call Joes wardrobe - joe wear. Shorts, t's and golf shirts for dinners out - that's about as fancy as it gets here. 6 days!!!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I don't recall a restriction on carry on luggage when we went to China. We would have been in serious trouble though. Our laptop at the time weighed almost 9 pounds.. UGH
6 days... 6 days !!!!! It will be here before you know it!

Luna said...

I heard they don't weigh the carry on luggage....I hope that's true. I bought rolling duffle bags, but for the life of me...I can't fit all our stuff in them. My other suit cases weight too damn much to start with. I think I'm going to go to Walmart and buy some cheap a$$ luggage this weekend.

Catherine said...

Not sure if they weigh carry-ons in China but I've never been checked and have flown dozens of times in the US. I find a good quality backpack is great for carry on and I pack a lightweight bag within it to pull out items I want to use of the flight. Happy packing. It's super exciting that you're oh so close!!

Sugar Momma said...

I don't know who you are flying with but we took rolling carryons, stuffed pretty full, each of us had one and then each of us carried our personal item...another stuffed backpack and one carried on the essentially on China Southern you end up with two carry ons. It worked twice for us. They never weighed either of them. Just carry them nonchalantly like they are weightless :) Either way you are still going!! And isn't that what matters at this point? But, just in case you luggage does get separated...may I suggest a bikini instead of just the panties though? Or at least would you consider packing some pasties ;)