Friday, May 8, 2009

A special K kinda day! UPDATED 4 the LUV of all things COL!

(I'm not naked & that freeze frame face is just cracking us up down here...also, I even told her not to Y0u Tube this video, but because video #1 was not to be shown, I caved to this one)

So I was totally not expecting to have an O~hi~yer friend walk in on my little pool party around 1:30 this afternoon, holding a camcorder to get the shock & awe of my reaction to that surprise. I am forbidding K to show the actual footage of that moment because's bad. I have a strapless bikini on and had to do a little bolt through the house as she chased me down with a video camera. It was no Baywatch kinda scene. When she walked in I was on the phone with my agency coordinator, struggling to hear her & understand what she was saying. I would catch every 3rd word she was saying, since she speaks with a HEAVY Chinese accent & K was screaming..."SURPRISE!" So I ran. Needless to say, this is the only clip I can publicly show of that grandiose moment.

A few of my friends decided that we needed a party to celebrate Emerson Grace & I guess there was some conversations going on behind the scenes, even J was in on it to get K down here unbeknownst to me. I feel very humbled that a girlfriend I've only known for a short while (3 yrs) would rearrange her schedule & hop a plane to include our family's joyful celebration. This has obviously been a very emotional & meaningful time in our family's life & it was disappointing today when I heard of some other folks who've known us since the beginning who can't fit it into their schedule & they live right here. I feel very blessed to have met so many amazing people along the way.

Let the party begin!

UPDATE: Because my girl Colleen walked in as another BIG HUNK'N surprise!

I could not be more thrilled & excited right now....this is going to be a FUN weekend!


Dawn and Dale said...

SOOOOOOOO cool Tracy!!! You really do have the coolest friends and I'm so happy for you!!! :D

E is coming home SOOOOOOON!! Can you even believe it???!!!! :D

Jenny V said...

Tracy, So glad you had a friend to celebrate with. It is funny because we haven't met and most likely won't ever, but I think of your family often and keep you in prayer. I am so happy for you and your family.
Celebrate wildly and thanks for inviting cyber friends to join the party too!

Elisa said...

I too have been shocked by the people that have stepped up and been totally on board with our adoption, and disappointed by those that I thought would be excited but weren't.

I am excited for you! I am picking up my new daughter right now (although ours is a domestic adoption) and it is such a wonderful experience.

I can't wait to take her back home to Ohio and to meet all the friends and family that are waiting for her.

I love following your blog, adoption is such a great thing!


Daniella said...

great video. I wish we could have been there to celebrate. This was my mothers day gift from Joe to fly my sister and her husband here. We will be thinking of you all and having many drinks in your honor :)

Island Girl said...

Ahhh thats super nice of J to get K to fly in to see you guys. I hope you have a great celebration for Emerson.

K keep the flip going all week end!!!;)

Liene said...

Videos are great. I'm guessing there are no more surprises this weekend?

That would be so awesome if some of my dearest friends would just show up on my doorstep to hand out for the weekend.

Have a good weekend and enjoy some yummy fruity drink for me.

Leanne said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day weekend. So Happy for you. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your awesome weekend. ENJOY.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have a Great Mother's Day weekend..
you are all sooo lucky..
Have a drink for me..

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your have LOTS to celebrate.....YOU ARE GOING TO CHINA.....WHOO HOOOO!!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!


Rhonda said...

Have a great Mother's Day weekend with the girls!

Luna said...

Have a great weekend, T. You deserve to have yourself some fun!
Happy Mother's Day!!

Donna said...

Happy Mommy's Day! Looks like you're going to have so much fun with friends! Enjoy!!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Anonymous said...

Is that Ms. C there celebrating with you?? That's it, I'm moving to paradise too! Have a ball and God speed to Miss E.

love from DE

Catherine said...

What a wonderful day of celebration with extra special friends!! Enjoy!!!

Headmeister said...

Happy Mothers Day :)

3D said...

What an awesome weekend!! Happy Mother's Day!

Keep smilin!

Terri said...

WOW, what a cool surprise!!!! You deserve it girl. I am looking forward to seeing pic's from a "Fantastic" weekend. Sure wish I lived closer you are my kind of gals!!!

Now get packin you are going to CHINA!!!!

Kristy said...

What a great friend that K is , but then again you must be pretty darn special for her to want to surprise you! I can't wait to see Emerson Grace in your arms!
Love, Kristy

cougchick said...

the love of true friends......fantastic!