Monday, May 18, 2009

That was fun, but it's time to buckle down and get my packin done.

These are random pictures because I am dumping my cameras getting ready for the big trip.
Colleen gave this to me last weekend when she was here.
It's absolutely beautiful. It's very special to me and Col wore hers when she met Hannah, so I will be wearing this when I meet one week.
She also spoiled her with tons of Floridian palm tree wear. Including the one tee that I had seen and desperately wanted to get. She knows me so well =0)Random W cuteness while he was playing pirates.
Friday we met J's partner for dinner and the wife is just one of those creative creatures that never cease to amaze me. When we arrived at our table, she had this cute lil' number sitting on the seat. It's a white gift bag made into a girlie dress. The detail is amazing. She glued little flowers all over the trim with little pearls.

The back side. The bag is a little dented up from the trip back home.
Captain C humored me and the boys this weekend and proved to be the most heroic person I know. He *happily* chartered 5 kids, 1 dog and 2 tipsy chics out for island time. J was working all weekend down on the beach and didn't get to play.
The 2 young ones were super cute while tubing. They don't weigh 100 lbs between them and they kept holding on to each other to make sure the other one didn't fall off.
The big boys went for speed and air.
Just plain cute.
Apparently our 100 lb combo was enough to break the boat. =0(
"Let's Drink It Over"
Back at Ann's for a bath in the hot tub & pink drinks!
When we got back to the dock, J had just taken a dip in the pool and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening with us.
Isn't the sign behind us so stinkin fun. Ann just brought it back from Maui, I'm pretty certain she thought of me when she bought it=0)
So after totally blowing Saturday on fun, I woke up at 6:30 with my mind racing on everything that needs done. I think we have procrastinated long enough. I started Saturday morning with 3 kids, but only woke up to 1 on Sunday. W was a trooper. I hauled him to the grocery store, 0ld navy, sp0rts auth0rity & C0stc0. He never declared he wanted to go home & he held my hand the entire time. He was rewarded with the very berry sundae at c0stc0. =0)
I spent the evening packing & I think I'm done.
Here's my packing mess. I'll take another pic of the size bags when I get them sealed up.
Today I really need to get my house in order for my amazing in-laws, thank God for them, it has made this process so much easier to not have to stress over who is taking care of them. I know they will be just fine. I do need to make a few charts for my child who has a hard time staying on task & a paper chain countdown for W to understand the days we are gone.
We did set the crib up yesterday and that was another one of those, "Is this really happening" moments. We have decided on doing the redneck crib hook up for her. Most of you know we were really undecided on where she should sleep and just when I thought I had settled on one place, I'd change my mind. I listened to the "Taming the Tiger While it's Still a Kitten" DVD series and really felt I needed to go against the HGTV Home Decorator in me and bite the bullet with the tackylicious 3 sided crib in my room. I won't even be able to make my bed and that's going to drive me nuts! We thought we would put her between us, but the books make a very valid point about the whole 'divide and conquer' thinking, so she will be on my side. I am not a fan of co-sleeping, but her needs will be different than the normal child's needs are and I just need to get over myself and do what's best for her. I just hope we all will be able to sleep, otherwise, we may have another issue that needs dealt with. I'll play it by ear & it'll be fine. If things aren't working out that way, then we'll adjust.
We leave for China in 3 days...!!!
In exactly one week from today a complete stranger will put Emerson in my arms.
I still can't believe this is happening.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like an AMAZING day on the water..
That bag is toooo cute..
LOVE the necklace.. John got me one for Mother's day last year..
as for the packing..I hope you made a list.. I sooo want to go carry on... Looks like things are falling into place girly..
I am thinking a photo of the redneck crib is in store...LOL..
Have an amazing 3 days with your boys..they will be sooo excited to see thier new SISTER..
I am getting sooo excited.. I am sooo glad to have got the pleasure of meeting you..

Pug Mama said...

so glad that was a gift bag - when I first saw it I thought it was a baby dress, and I was KNOW what I was thinking.
I have a question - what is the clingwrap for? I am bringing tons of ziplock bags, but have never heard of bringing cling wrap - so what are you using it for?

Dawn said...

FWIW: with Lily she went straight in her crib. WIth Rosie we put her in our bed as she had a few things going on and would not sleep at all EVER. A nap here a wink there. After 11 days of no sleep we were crying, all of us. I rang our agency and spoke with a social worker. She told us to put her in her room in her crib and let her cry it out. But wait, isn't that against everything we adoptive parents are meant to do? Well it worked, she cried for less than 5 minutes and she slept for 14 hours straight. So do what works for you and your daughter and your family. Stop stressing and you will figure it out. It took Rosie nearly 7 months to decide to totally let her guard down and allow us into her heart. Lily let us in after 2 weeks. You have 3 boys, they are all different and you are an awesome Mum, from what I have seen on this blog. I was a nervous wreck both times but it does work out.
Have a wonderful trip. Are you leaving from Miami? I know you hate it here but I could come and say hello, or at least bye bye.

Daniella said...

Our weekends always look so similiar - we did the tubing thing too and I swear you should have heard us screaming from your part of the Gulf! I want your packing list too! I'm with you on the sleep - you'll try it and work with what works, adjust as needed. 3 days - holy cow.

stephanie and scott said...

Beyond excited for you guys! Everything will work out. Sometimes it's just trial and error. The jestlag kicked us in the butt at first when we got home, but you do what you gotta do at first just to get some sleep:)

Briana's Mom said...

You had some amazing island time! :)

Wow - 3 days to go! I am so excited for you!

Angela said...

You are a great mom, and just the fact that you are going against what you have felt comfortable with, and doing the co-sleeping thing for her needs just proves it!
I don't know exactly what the cling wrap is for either, but I did see people wrapping their luggage with it in Hawaii, to make sure their bags did not bust.
So excited for y'all!

Special K said...

I jumbo sized your suitcase pic just to take a peek. I'm wondering about the cling wrap, too. I saw the snacktrap is in there... but don't forget her penguin princess pj's. :)

Only 3 days!

Sandra said...

3 more days!!! Get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

3 Peanuts said...

I am so very excited for your T!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see Emerson in your arms and as far as the sleeping thing goes....she'll let you know. We tried co-sleeping but Kate really did better in the crib in her room (and so did we;) you will know....


Luna said...

I can't believe only 3 more days...Unbelievable!

Cling wrap? What's up with that?! =)

Truly Blessed said...

3 days -- so cool! Can't wait to follow your journey to the lovely Miss E!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

3 more days!!! I can't believe your time is here......I am so excited to see her in your arms for the very first time!!!

Looks like you got the whole packing thing under control.....I will be coming to you for tips when it is my turn!!


thegreybullet said...

I am so excited for you. All things will work out with the sleeping.You are great parents and I know you will know what to do when the time comes. How wonderful the kids will get to enjoy their Grandparents while you are away. What a relief to have such great inlaws!!

Joy said...

3 more days!!! I am so excited for you. You looked packed and ready to go. Just cannot wait until you have that precious gift in your arms.

PIPO said...

I am with a bag it is amazingly creative and so sweet. I thought, for a moment, you may have TWO special dresses for that red couch.

I love getting to live all this again through you. Can you believe it?

Good luck with the co-sleeping. It just did not fly for C and me. I tried, she tried? No sleep when the bed is shared...besides it is sucko when I am on call. I have to say things are groovy with her in her space. We are both happier chicks in the morning by far. I can't argue when she snogs out for 11 hours at a stretch without complaint.

I am going to be driving home from an out-of-state wedding in one week and it's going to be killing me to get home and get a look at you holding your dream.

Diana said...

I am glad I was not the only one who thought it was a "drop dead gorgous" Dress..I actually went back and reread the post then supersized the pic as I am AMAZED it is a bag!! How CREATIVE!! 3 days...Woohoo!!

Daisy Dreams said...

My 18 year old daughter gave me that exact necklace three years ago for Mother's Day :) Are you staying at the Gloria, or? in Nanchang? Can't wait to see Emerson finally in your arms :)

lora said...

Three years ago tomorrow we left for China to get our baby girl in Nanchang....May 23........It is a beautiful time of year to be in China! I can't wait to see it again through you!!
Godspeed :)

Colleen said...

Sandra said it... "the journey of a lifetime". Indeed.

I cannot believe 3 days. Wow - the time did fly didn't it?

Ya know? Try the redneck crib and if it doesn't you said, adjust. Shit - I thought Hannah was doing great at bedtime and just TONIGHT she has decided that she no longer wants to sleep. "ever"...."anymore" Fabulous. Its like the days when we first got home all over again..dunno where it came from. Blame it on the big girl bed? Adjust...then re-adjust.

3 days........holy shitake!

what in the world is the roll of wrap for? Where did you read you need that? I'm giggling... oh, and I will send you the shirt. It barely fits H anymore. Cute, isn't it?

When Kristell comes over to drink MY WINE tomorrow - call me, we'll all chat. :)

Colleen said...

PS... SO diggin that sign.

Laurie said...

In one week I will be here waiting hitting refresh over and over.

So excited for you.

Will you be able to Skpe with your boys while you're in China? That may be a stupid question, I not the most tech-savy person in the world.

Melissa said...

Excitement is certainly in the air. I have been following your journey for a while....I am very excited that the time has finally arived for you to pick up your daughter. She is so stinkin cute.
I be saying a prayer for safe travels, no illness and that she ia able to bond well with you and your hubby.........Can't wait to see next weeks pictures.

Shannon said...

It's happening!!! When I read that you just put up the crib (after seeing the room pics) I was confused. Got it now. I'm thinking I am going to need that's great that you have an idea of "normal" development so you can be a better judge at her needs. Anyway, SOOOOOO thrilled for you. You may not be *trip ready* but I'm betting your heart has been halfway around the world for ages now! =)

Alyson and Ford said...

It's really happening... :) Can't wait to follow the adventure!

Noemi said...

OMG 3 days!!!!!

simply t said...
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