Thursday, May 7, 2009

A round of thank you's

to Laurie & Steve in Wisconsin for this adorable ensemble. The cuteness is way to much!
Check out the knotted belt...isn't that adorable? to Jennifer in Miami. This outfit screams trop~I~cal!
Also for the Ergo & the DVD series that I need to get busy listening to! to Pipo & the Wing for these awesome kicks.
But I have to write out the message included because it's just to cute to not share.

Claire's Wish for China Sisters
May these soles protect you but give you the support to run like the wind thus nurturing your inner soul.
May these laces make you feel secure and let you know how you are embraced.
May these bright red uppers remind you of the land of our birth so you can wear them with pride as you put your best foot forward.
May you always know how loved you are when you look into the eyes of family as they help you put on your shoes to step out into the world~ both literally and figuratively.
I love my red shoes and I hope you will love yours. Let's not forget that we China sisters must remain stylish as well.

to Diana for this out of control ruffled outfit that says put me on and be happy! I love all the detail in it. You have been so sweet and supportive.
to Michelle...for this adorable collection and for always being there.
to Daniella, my Florida saltwater soul sister....
for Sophie, Eme Grace's China sister, for sharing the Sophie's wardrobe...
which contained non fruit & ladybug pj's!
& to Robin and Maddy in Buckeye country, who knows what a girl likes. I have to say, I've been up and down many aisles lately searching for things I might need & I have never seen that adorable snap top snack box. It's so snackalicious & I know that Emerson will have as much fun looking to see what great treats are hidden in there as much as Maddy. & the Buckeye bow....well, that was a big hit in our Buckeye boy world!
I'm humbled & blessed.
Thank you.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

What AMAZING friends...
LOVE the Roxy outfit it is TOOOO CUTE....
love the letter and shoes...
Emerson is sooo loved..
Have a great evening..

Christie said... are prepared...



Catherine said...

So many wonderful gifts and what a fun variety!

C's poem for E is beautiful. A gift from the heart!

Just order the T the T CD's from Nancy Thomas this evening. Lots to learn and it will be nice to have someone to talk to who has recently used the series too.

Congrats friend! Praying you hear about your TA SOON!!!

Debbie said...

I have something at home to send but I have been stuck in a hospital with Hannah. I just want you to know that when it finally does end up in your mailbox, I DID NOT send it b/c of this post ... ha, ha! :-)!!!!!

So glad to see you are being blessed with such fun stuff for your most adorable princess!!

Colleen said...

Fantastic gifts! Lovin those palm tree pjs!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

So glad you like your gifties. Maddy has that same OSU bow so the buckeye sisters will be wearing them with pride on our buckeye weekends. :0) If you'll remember, Maddy had to wear a red headband with her bow too the first year because she had no hair but now she wears her bows with pigtails. Soon, your Emerson will be doing the same.

Love the chucks! PiPo was telling me about them and we chuckled that they would go perfectly for OSU weekends. :0)

Now.. come on TA's.. We need to see all our china girls HOME!

Jennifer said...

I am so happy you like the outfit....I am loving the palm tree pajamas. You have to tell me where to get them. Ms. Addison needs those or mommy needs to see her in those. My fingers are crossed for your TA!!!!!! Hopefully here by mothers day. Keeping you in my thoughts

Liene said...

Cool gifts! The outfits in the 1st photo are all clothes my SIL got me from Gym.boree.

I got the same gift from Robin, Marty & Maddy in the mail earlier this week. Minus the Buck.eye hair bow because Robin knows that with me being from Indiana there's no way in H-e-l-l I'd put OSU anything on my child. That goes for any other Big Ten school outside of IN too!