Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday was the perfect day to be on an island in the gulf....Perfect.
Only a few pics were taken because well...I was just having myself a grand ol' time with my friend, Ann.

The Dad's even took the kids tubing and were gone for quiet awhile, leaving Ann & myself to do the difficult task of reserving our beachfront property.
We ended up back at the Ann pad and after a few to many pink drinks in the hot tub, kayaking sounded like a good idea at the time. We were thankful for low tide because that meant we could go right under the boats on the lifts as opposed to just bumping & bouncing off of them. However, low tide was our worst enemy when trying to crawl our way out of the kayak & onto the dock. Only one of us ended up wet & thankfully it wasn't me. We did have life vests, though the arm pits of the vests worked better as drink holders than life savers. ;0) We just need to work on our steering and dismounting and we might be ready to enter the Great Dock Canoe Race or maybe not.
On Sunday, J had the marvelous idea to regrout our master shower.
10 hours in the shower, 2 trips to H0me Dep0t & 10 lbs of grout dust later, the shower is still not ready for use, which is highly inconvenient. 3 tiles fell off the wall in the process and we are trying to match those up.
I spent the day bleaching the front lanai & scrubbing it. It looked fabulous, till I woke up to find a big pile of something on the brick.
See...told ya. So what was the point of that?
I also decided to go around the brick pavers and weed all the little tiny, deeply rooted weeds out with a small plier like thingy. It worked well, but then I managed to give myself 4 blisters, this one being the worst. The skin lifts all the way off and it's deep. Kinda hurts.
The annoying part is we pay somebody to do that job. To bad they don't do it right or maybe I shouldn't be so picky. (?) The jury is still out on that one.

While catching up on laundry, my washer door popped open. It just popped wide open...?
So J ordered a part, which will take 2-3 days to get here. In the meantime, laundry is piling up by the mounds.

We did get our Visa's today! Woot! One more step closer.
Now if only we could get that darn TA in our hands.
With all the conflicting information going around, it's enough to make a grown girl cry.


Daniella said...

our weekends are so similiar - we did the gulf thing too and thought about kayaking but nobody wanted to do it with me :( Today is my bleach day - one lanai done.... pool is next. I can not stand mold - yuck and plus having my sister coming is always a good motivator since you can eat off of every crevice of her house. Sorry about the blister and hope TA comes soon!!!!!

Suzie said...

Don't you just love spring time in Florida?!?! Sounds like a fun weekend - you can't go wrong with pink drinks on a sunny afternoon :o)

Sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy. Hopefully TA will come this week!!

Liene said...

We need to get out and do yard work since our landlord who promised 2 weeks ago to come out and weed the flower beds so that he could put down new mulch still has not done a darn thing. There are lots of things he hasn't done but...

We're still waiting on visas and TA. It's just been too quiet lately wondering what the heck is going on. Usually rumors start flying by now on referrals and I haven't heard a thing.

Glad you had a good weekend! I'd love some beach time but there is no beach in Atlanta.

Shari U said...

Sounds like somebody's nesting! Bring on the TA!!

Sandra said...

Another fabulous Florida day...

It sounds indeed like you are nesting. I'll toast to a speedy TA tonight ;-)

Special K said...

Okay... beach, boating, drunken kayaking, pink drinks and even a spill in the canal sounds great. But that blister and no TA... not so much.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

weekend looks awesome. I can't believe how big "W" is getting.

OUCH to that blister

Yeah to the VISA and boo to all the conflicting info.

Kayce said...

Those 10 trips to Home Depot sound VERY familiar. It seems to me you had a great weekend minus the blisters! Visa...come on now...it's time to go to China!!

Colleen said...

Blistered hands aren't sassy for carrying a sassy bag... I'm just sayin.

Good news on the Visa's now where in the F bomb is that TA??

I like those pink drinks too....

Luna said...

Ouch....That blister looks painful.
Our Visa's are going to be here on the 11th. Where the hell are the TA's?? I can't take much more of this.....