Thursday, April 16, 2009

decor & treats

I (re)decorated my girls display board that hangs in her room, with the help of Glinda (the Good Witch)...everything she says seems to leave me in tears.... & one day her journey will lead her to the face of her daughter as well. Thank you Glinda, for every beautiful quote, poem & comment that you send my way.
They all seem to take my breath away & describe the very feeling that I am feeling.
I just do not have the eloquence to speak it so well.
I've had this frame for 4 years....just waiting for this face to fill the hole.

And because the mail lady loves the Kita dog to pieces, she left her a little sumpt'n smpt'n in the mailbox today.


Mandy said...

Have you ever showed any pics of Emerson's room? I would love to see it im sure it's Beautiful!! Anyhoo Congrats again! I'm so Happy for you...

Laurie said...

First of all, yesterday's pictures-what an incredible gift. E is such a beauty. I had to come back 3 times today from work just to take another peak!

I agree totally about the power of the Internet. I think we (the bloggers and posters here)have kept each other going through the tough times. We may not have known it at the time but we all have that special understanding and connection.

I too would like to see E's room-I'm sure you've shared (I think) but it's been so long I don't remember.

Glinda certainly does have a way with words-she inspires me.

Enjoy this time T and know that we are feeling your joy right along with you. (sorry this is so long)

Dawn said...

Oh I am so excited for girlfriend gave me the "fairytales" frame for Mother's Day last year with Lucy's picture in it...and I just BURST into now sits on her special....enjoy this time!

Glinda said...

**Glinda with tissue in hand and is almost, but not quite,
speechless--her need to put feelings into words
is always at the ready and rarely inoperable**

Oh, my goodness. I am humbled by your kind words.
However, it is I who should be thanking you. Your
willingness to live your life unfiltered so that the mass
miserables who love company (read misery loves company
in this stupefying wait) can gather and commiserate is
a godsend. And in so doing, you have allowed us all
to find solace among those who "get it" and gain priceless
kernels of knowledge from those who go before us. We will
squirrel them away and one day find them again when
our time finally comes.

You are an inspiration and I can only aspire.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the poem and the way you decorated the frame.. I soo need to get the white one for Isabella's room one day..
I still do not have anything in my brown one..
I LOVE the mailladies little goody...
As for the frame... Fairy Tales do come true.. and I am sooo ready to see all of our dreams come true..
I am also ready to see Ms. Emerson's beautiful little room..
Have a great week..

Terri said...

The frame & poem is so beautiful. I would also love to see pic's of her room.

I have so enjoyed reading your blog since the big day. So much excitment & WOW to see new photos of precious Emerson. She is such a doll. Those photos will be so special to have.

Looking forward to your amazing journey!!