Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conversations, Packages & Old Gifts

The other night, I had a conversation with W that went something like this:

me: "Watcha think of your sister?"

W: "My sisdar?"

me: "yeah, the one wearing the pink jacket in the photo."

W: "She's cute, that's my sisdar....& I'm going to share my cars with her....& I'll give her my blue bear."

me: "Wow, that's love...but you can keep your blue bear just for you, since we got her a pink bear all of her own."

W: "Ok."



The care package was mailed off today. Here's what we included for the low shipping price of $45.78, she's totally worth it, but I really hope it gets to her...not holding out much hope though. I included the 'pink bear' with her photo attached because we will be taking one just like it to China. The family photo album, 2 disposable cameras with her photo and Chinese name written on it, a toy, a snack & some chocolates for the nannies.

So who was around when this photo was taken??? Anyone? Anyone?

It was taken in November of 2006 & I look like crud because the boat had just docked & I hadn't showered. So PugMama gave us these beautiful pillow cases with our girls name on them. I'm very happy to now have it on the pillow for display.....

2 out of 4 kept their name...but what is so funny about it all is that I was the only one that didn't want to lock into a name 100% for multiple reasons that I won't get in to. We all know that PIPO didn't use Jadyn & PM didn't use Ava. I do believe that Col would have changed Hannah's name had it not been inked around her husbands arm...which would not have been nice to change at that point. =0) Funny, but not nice. & just because I pulled this tee out today to pack for China...... it was a smashing gift from Pipo & one that still rings true for all of us.


Liene said...

Great conversation with W. I know we had a similar conversation with Eriks when we accepted our SN referral. However, no matter how much we explained for the 1st 3 or 4 days he assumed we would be leaving tomorrow to bring her home.

I so love that blogging shirt for the kiddos. It's really cute!

Special K said...

Glad to see that pillowcase is finally being put to use. Wonder what PM & PIPO did with theirs? LOL!

This was almost the first time I met you. Remember? Except I had tickets to a Bengals game and didn't come down. Although the Bengals game was fun... had I known then what I know now ... I totally would've skipped it for the pleasure of y'alls company. :)

Daniella said...

How sweet is W!!! Love him. Yes I was around - I believe I started following you July 06 while we were paperchasing - goodness mother of whatever, it's been forever. So glad your done!! Those pillowcases are fabulous and the t's are sooo cute and so true. We are thinking of a name change here - I have a few M things but really have not bought much at all. We'll see.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the conversation with W.. he is tooo sweet..
Love the care package..
and the pillowcase and t is TOOOO CUTE>..
Looks like it is all coming together..
It is funny how you will probably find things that you bought way back when...

Mya said...

How sweet of "W"! Have hope, our box made it to Karlee's orphanage and I did it on my own! I even got pics with her sleeping with the blanky I sent(which I also slept with!) We got it all back on gotcha day! wishing you luck!

Debbie said...

so happy out here in california for the joy you are FINALLY experiencing looking at her darling face & preparing. what joy!!!! i can't wait for you guys to get to china & get her in your arms forever!!!!

i love those little t-shirts!!!

Colleen said...

"Sisdar" dayum thats cute!

Ahhh the first trip to Paradise. Good times. Remember it well. I remember Mel and I peeing in the grass on the island. (c'mon Mel...you did so!)

Hannah's pillow case is on her bed right now. Love it.

Great care package. I am sure she will get it but you really won't know until the day you get her...and hopefully she comes with her pink bear.

Pug Mama said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is the very first time we all met***sniff-sniff***
3 years ago - good Lord.......
yep Col - I remember the peeing on he grass scene .
I'm sending my Ava pillowcase to Lisa.
(I'm also bringing my "bogging this" T-shirt to China!!!)

Joanne said...

I know it felt sooooooooo good to mail out that care package! I remember wondering if Mia would get it or anything from it...and on gotcha day she came to us with the baby doll we had sent - what a feeling :)
Your little W is adorable!!!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet conversation! I am curious about the software you use for your pictures. I have been a scrapbooker forever, but really want to get into the digital scrapbooking. I know you are busy right now getting ready for China, but whenever you have time...even in a month...ha...if you would email me about it, I would soooo appreciate it! Thanks!
themigrl33 at yahoo dot com
Oh...and I'm not sure if this is your style, but I was looking at Lisa Leonards website today and saw this sweet necklace and instantly thought of you...

Luna said...

Yep, we might have considered changing Ava's name too....If it weren't inked on my husband's arm. Just glad she is a girl and we didn't have to name a boy Dava or Flava!

Marla said...

Awwwww, that W is one sweet kid, he's going to be a great big brother. LOL @ the pillowcases, we changed the name of our oldest half way through the process too even though I already had several things with her name on them. Luckily no tattoos though. :)

Hope baby girl gets your package soon and that they take lots of pics of her for you!

Jboo said...

Awww -- he's gonna be a great big brother! Funny story and great photos of you all! Hope she gets her care package and you get the camera back! Take care.


sandra said...

I also hope that care package gets there. Both our girls received their packages and I was so glad about that.

I remember that photo of you covering up the name and I remember being curious. But as far as you looking like crud, if that is looking like crud, I wish to look like crud every day ;-)

Debbie said...

Love it all!! We have not gotten around to a care package, I have been busy and then got sick, hopefully one will go out in the next week or so. I love the conversation with W. His love for his sister is ver evident. To share his blue bear, I remember when it was dirty and you had to wash it and you posted pictures of him by the washer or dryer. That was priceless and for him to love that bear that much and want to give it to his sister is just adorable!!! You have taught your boys right and it shows in his heart!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Packing already??? Do you have TA??? Did you do your Visas already? Are you using a service to get the care package to Emerson? Oh so many questions.

W is just so cute. love his willingness to share his stuff.

Briana's Mom said...

I sent the same exact pink bear blanket to Briana in my care package! :)

I remember all those pictures!

You better blog from China! ;)

Island Girl said...

That was a sweet conversation with W. He will make a cutie pie big brother as will G and C. Question are you bring the boys with you to China?
Love that T sirts they are super cute and yes we hope mommy is a little blogging queen when she is there ;D


OziMum said...

I always wondered if you always had Eme's name picked!!! Yeah... some of us, just can't stick to our initial decision!!!

I must say I was very surprised when our update photos of Tari, included her holding the toy phone we sent!!! Tari was in a very rural area, that has done very few international adoptions - so, I reckon Eme WILL get her package. We only got our camera back though, which was no drama, least the other kids in the orphanage get to play with her toys!

Anonymous said...

I remember all those pictures and W. staring at the dryer with blue bear in it as well. God, have we all been around that long?

Would love if you shared some packing lists etc. you know, in your spare time:) It must be surreal to be preparing for your trip after so long.

W could not be any cuter! Melts my heart.

Laurie said...

Oops! That was Laurie, not Anon above

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE the convo with W!

That is amazing that you knew her name that long ago!!! I could not decide on Kate's name until the day we had to for our referral paperwork!! LOVE that pillowcase:)