Wednesday, April 1, 2009


~Thank You for.....~
* the numerous emails entitled, "Thinking of You"
many from those I know & many from perfectly nice strangers that know we are up next.
* the numerous newbies that are stopping by to introduce themselves or send an email telling me their story....I'm amazed.
* all the smartass texts from my smartass friends & all the texts just wanting to know if I heard anything new. You girls add a whole lotta spice to my day!
* all my trustworthy friends to spy in the March room for me,
it's nice to know someone has my back.
* my neighbors/friends that are calling me daily to find out if I've heard anything.
* my thoughtful neighbors/friends that have given me a free pass to be elusive in life since I'm about to give birth (the paper way)....they seem to be okay with my ridiculous off the wall behavior...???
* calling me Maryellen & making me realize that I indeed may have to wait till Monday to see the face of our girl. You were a hefty dose of reality!...but don't they always say that your friends will tell you the truth?!?
* my Mom who is just as addicted to RQ as me
& is as 'tingled' by the whole matching process as I am.
I am honestly so blown away with the amount of people rooting us on in this journey.
When we began this process in 2004, I had no idea the amount of true friends I'd meet along the way. My dear friend, Colleen, will be flying in tomorrow & I am hoping to pick her up at the airport with a photo of my girl in hand. I hope we have some babies to celebrate this weekend! To many good friends waiting with me on this one & I couldn't be more ready to celebrate with such a dear friend!
Not to sound like an academy award acceptance speech, but thank you for helping me pass these last few days with a little sanity. So many of you can relate and its nice to have some good company on this journey. I am truly humbled by the amount of support.


The Carmodys said...

Yay Tracy. Can't wait to see the face of the little one you've been waiting for for soooooo long!!!

Hang in there!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are AMAZING T.. I am sooo glad to have got the chance to meet you..
Your little girl is going to be BEAUTIFUL..
I sooo cannot wait.. this makes things a little bit more real to me..
Actually knowing the family makes things seem like this long wait is soooo much more real..
Hope you get some sleep..
I hope we get to see Colleen's face with your daugher in hand..

PIPO said...

I'm sitting here with a line of drool waiting to see a picture of the sea starlet and the puglet and the northern peach and...etc,

I can't wait to see some faces!

The Wing has an appointment in the morning and it's killing me that I'll be out of the loop for quite a while tomorrow. Gak!

It's been a long haul, baby. I can't wait to see this dream come true for you.

Colleen said...

I'm new to your blog....Came over to say I'm excited for a mom to 4 boys I know all too well how it feels to add a little girl to the mix. {{{hugs to you}}}

Ellen said...

Hi Tracy: Just checking in from So Cal again to see if you got your delivery today. I am goosebumpy from head to toe for you! Not stalking you, just so excited for you and your family. Enjoy every second of this special time; you'll be seeing your girl's sweet face any time now.

Jenny V said...

T- Can't wait for your little lady to make her appearance. I am hitting refresh and holding my breath. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It has been a huge journey for you and I am so happy for your family as this day nears!
Jenny V

Debbie said...

so thrilled for you ... you have entertained many of us with your blog along the way/wait for so many of us. it is great to know that the stadium of people that read your blog are standing up & cheering for you to get your referral!!!

Vicky said...

I'm out of sync on Japan time here, and last night when I woke up in the middle of the night, I even had a quick peek to see if the stork had arrived yet!

We've never met but I've been following your previous blog since your chalk numbers were in single digits and I can't believe you are about to be a Mum again. (Or are NOW, actually, just you haven't met her yet!!!!)

Colleen said...

Yup..gonna happen today - right when I am boarding that stinkin plane and I will have to wait 3 1/2 hours to find out all about your girl...."sigh"...

Love ya much. See ya later!

A Beautiful Mess said...

Its cuz we like you we really like you:)

I really do hope you get your call today! The stork could have left china on Tuesday or Wednesday.

And hey...even though I tried to help wrap your brain around having to go through the weekend we sure did laugh a lot! You know I love ya!

Hoping right along with you that you get your call before the weekend!!

Meg said...

Hoping today is the day! I'm sure your emotions are on high alert right now......I so hope you are relieved of the anticipation soon.......get ready to "PUSH"!

Deb said...

Hoping that today will be the day that changes your life forever!!

I will be checking back often.

Deb in FL

skm said...

Think of it this are humbled but we are entertained every day you post to your blog!! It is better than any reality show or soap opera out there! Here's hoping today is your day.

Red Sand said...

I look at this as we're in all in it together. I don't think I could have survived this long without the support of the community.

Can't wait for the referrals to actually arrive for you! You'd think patience would become easier after all this time but no....

Special K said...

Awwww... we love you, too.

PS. I was late to work today cuz I walked out the door without my cell and had to turn around and go back for it. There's no way I could be without it TODAY!!

lesleegp said...

Prayers that today is THE day!

3D said...

So thrilled to know you and share this journey with you!

Keep smilin!

Jboo said...

Woohoo -- hoping that today is the day you find out. Hang in there -- it will be soon!


Marla said...

It's going to be today, right?!?!? I can't stand it any more, please let it be today!!!! I don't think I could be more excited for y'all!

Mindi said...

I keep hitting refresh!!!!

sara said...

I just thought to check on you (while I was in the shower) and hurriedly got out to see if we had baby paradise's face yet!!! It will be just perfect if Colleen is there when you get the call!!

staci said...

my children wonder why I am checking your blog compulsively - may you find a sense of peace in this extraordinary time - lots of love

Kayce said...

Refresh refresh refresh! Looking forward to seeing a lot of baby faces! You all are on my mind today and in my prayers.

3 Peanuts said...

That is so awesome that Colleen is flying so awesome. I am home sick with 2 sick kids and all I can think about is clicking over her to se your little sea star:) Our referral came on a Thursday...I just know today is the day:)

Mom to my China Posse said...

Hoping today is your lucky day! I emailed you a year or so ago after running across your blog from a side bar of one of my online friends and have stopped by ever now and then to check in. Our blog is private but email me if you would ever like to stop by. We have 5 girls from China and 2 teeneagers, hence why they make me stay private. lol......

Anonymous said...

So very excited for your family!! I have been following along for over a year now and can't wait till you see her little face!

Tracy H
South Dakota

Leanne said...

Every time I check your blog, I get tears in my eyes. Tears of Pure Joy, I am so happy for you. I am a long time follower and just can't believe that your time in here.I can't wait to see your little girl and follow the rest of your Journey with you.
Hang in there and Have a Great weekend with C !! I will be checking in allllll day. xoxo

Dawn said...

Dang...I thought for sure by now! Humpffff, I'll be back soon. Hell, I could have drvien to Naples by now!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Came home for lunch today just to check in on my 3/7 and 3/8 Momma friends. Oh the suspense..:0) I can't even imagine being in your shoes. I had no idea my referral was coming the day it did so I wasn't anticipatory. It was just a shock for us!

Totally can't wait to see the newest little buckeye fan though!

Casey said...

Tracy....I have been a long time reader and lover of your blog and your family.

I am so excited for you...I can hardly stand it! I hope you see her sweet face soon!

Blessings my dear.

Catherine said...

(((hugs))) friend. Can't imagine how tough this is but so happy for you that Colleen is on the way for a weekend of tree kissing fun with the odd tipping of the beverage too I'm sure! Have a great time! counting down the hours until Monday with you.