Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wanting more info....

I'm kind of bummed that I have not heard back from anyone who contacted me originally about my girl on referral day.
First, there was an organization in Spain that said that they had photos & possibly video of my girl. I've emailed them repeatedly but have heard nothing. Another girl from my travel group was a referred a baby from the same orphanage and received the same message and has already received several photos. I mean really....don't taunt a Mom with that and then not respond back & in case I didn't mention her orphanage....
my girl is from Shangrao Children's Welfare Institute in Jiangxi Province.
I have joined the Shangrao yahoo group, but haven't found any photos of her.
Secondly, I also emailed the "finding ad" guy back and though he told me he would get back with me last week...I have heard nothing so far.
I'm just sad because I really would like to have as much information that I can gather on my girl to pull her history together, but I have heard nothing thus far when it seems everyone around me has gotten new weight updates & several precious *extra* photos of their daughter.


PIPO said...

Did you check with Ann at Red Thread and see if she can dig up some updates?

I only received three additional photos of my girl after referral and before travel so I would say the ladies out there now have hit the motherlode (pun intended) with all the pictures they are getting.

I so hope you get a speedy TA...makes this part far less painful. I didn't feel it at first after referral because there was so much to do. But, when all that is squared away it seems you hear every single tick of the clock.

Bring on that TA!!!

Tawni said...

I think that finding-add guy is from my neck of the woods...let me know if you want me to go-a-knockin'. I'd do it in a heartbeat for you.

Great picture of you and the, I need the ocean closer.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I second what Pipo said. I used Ann with Ethan's adoption and she is wonderful.

Colleen said...

Ohhhh I know it is so hard once you see your daughters face!!! I remember just wanting to get to my daughter as fast as I could!! Praying for speedy travels for you!!
I am so in awe of the information of updates and even photos so many families get. I didn't even know it was possible to get updates. When we received our daughters referral we never received any kind of updates or any photos. She is from very northern China where there are not many adoptions and visits to her SWI were not even allowed. Hoping you hear back from the Spain organization!
Happy packing and before you know it you will be on that plane bringing your baby home!!!

OziMum said...

We got Tari's finding ad, when we were in China (from CCAA or the orphanage, not sure which). So maybe wait til you get home, before you order anything - save yourself some $$!

I really hope you get some new photos. We couldn't get any, as only about 4 international adoptions have come out of Tari's orphanage. :(

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Hope you get some info soon..
Do you think this part is harder.. because you actually have seen her face ????
I sooo hope you get your TA soon..
Have a fast week..

A Beautiful Mess said...

Try ann at red thread and I sent you a link to Adele at blessed kids. She is who I used to get updated pics of's not cheap, but you know you could always add a chip in button:)

Pug Mama said...

Oh my gawd, I can't even remember what I was going to write because I am laughing so hard at what Mare wrote!!!!!!

danaedmisten said...

I agree with the Chip In Button. I dare you to put one on just for the day...... ha

Sandra said...

I totally understand! I never got any updated pictures of our girls. I did get some pictures of Tahlia after we returned that were taken by someone who traveled to China before we did and they were so very sad. It is probably better I didn't see them before.

I hope you get some more info soonj, though. It sounds like you got some good recommendations there; especially about the chip button ;-)

Special K said...

Sorry you haven't heard anything, babe. Maybe this post will generate some new info. Or find a Spanish speaker to call that organization since they're not answering your e-mails.

I can only imagine cuz I'm not there yet... but I'm sure this part of the wait is the hardest.

PS. Chip in button... LOL!

Headmeister said...

Sorry sister, I hope you get some info soon... (hugs)

Meg said...

this is probably the hardest part- I hate telling people that but having that picture makes it so real and now you know who you are waiting for......I hope this time goes fast......she is a beauty- you are a blessed family!

Erin said...

Ann at Red Thread is amazing. She got us some of the cutest pictures we had of Meisey. Highly recommend her and her prices are very inexpensive. Good luck!

Mommy to Mollianne (adopted in May of 2004 from Guangxi) and Meisey (adopted in November of 2008 from Guangdong)

Colleen said...

I cannot believe that you haven't heard yet? It makes me sad and just a smidge P.O'd... that you would get these emails and then.....nothing. Its like dangling a carrot. SOrry - I am emotional about it since I was there when you heard about this. You will hear something - just stay after all of them. Daily...hourly. Whatever it takes.

We didn't get any updates on Hannah, (just the ones that the orphanage staff gave us) but honestly I didn't even know of the few people out there that people mentioned here - so good luck with that. And ... I'll hit the "chip" button. LOL...

Luna said...

Make sure that they use the Chinese characters for her name when they locate photos for you. I have since learned that I received the wrong photos as there is another child with the same name....born at the same time...that looks like my daughter.
I don't want this to happen to you.
It's hard when you think you have a piece of the puzzle of their past and have it taken away from you.

Jboo said...

So sorry you haven't rec'd more news. Think we finally got some updated photos and info just before we traveled! And I used Adele Hall at to get a finding ad and bit more info. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Your girl is so beautiful!! You're right - dreams do come true!


We are Counting the Days said...

We adopted our little girl from Jiangxi in October of 2007. We were told that she had lived her entire life in the SWI and were told we could not visit when we enquired if we could.

I joined our daughter's SWI group and heard of a man who lives in Nanchang and has various connections with SWI's in the surrounding areas. Many parents from the group had contacted him and were very please with the information he was able to find.

On a whim, I decided to contact him and was delighted when he found that our daughter was not in the SWI, but fostered by a wonderful woman. By the week's end, he had travelled to interview her and provided us with pictures and answers to our questions.

I have heard that he has contacts with other SWI's in the area. If you would like more information, please contact me. Our blog is Scroll down to the March 27 post for more information. As a result of his findings, we are actually travelling to China in May to meet our daughter's foster mother.

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck.

Steffie B. said...

Use Ann from Red Threads.....she called the orphanage and asked abou updated pictures and 3 days later there were 4 of them in my email.

As far as the finding ad....did you contact Brian? If so, give him some time.....everyone uses him and he is busy. I got Sophia's ad and need to do it from Andrew once we are home cuz I forgot about doing that prior.

Amazed to hear that somone might have video of on earth did you stumble across that one?

Heza Hekele said...

Sounds very frusterating!

I'm sure it will all come together though!


Deb in MT said...

We got our finding ad from our agency with all the other papers. Perhaps you'll get yours from them or while you are in China. Brian can always get it for you later if you want to use him.

Deb M. in MT

Snowflowers Mum said...

I'm sure Brian Stuy will get back to you...he is in the middle of a HUGE research project, he just got back from China.