Monday, April 27, 2009

Laid back kind of weekend...

Hep shots done....& because I just posted the photos of us getting them and had second thoughts that someone would misinterpret them, I deleted them. We went Saturday night to our good friends home (The Doc & Nurse{married of course{) gave us the shots at their home after a mighty tasty dinner.
The boys rocked it out....

Sunday we did the unthinkable & grilled burgers, with REAL beef. Yeah, go ahead and gasp. & if you want another huge gasp, that even my mother had the biggie over, we grilled Kirk*land brand hotdogs last weekend that were the bomb. For those of you that know me, know how odd those 2 meals are and the rarity of it all. So anyhoo, we lounged by the pool and because life seems to be coming at me full throttle, my loving husband made the best cocktails ever.

They were as pretty as a rainbow!
3 different kinds of rums, cranberry, pineapple and blue pucker.
= YuM!
Way to complicated for this simple minded gal. That's why I just drink beer. It's easy, you just twist the cap.

The next few pictures are just of W doing his best swim moves.
To watch him jump in the pool is nothing short of funny. Look at the angle that he goes in and how funny his face is. I think it screams "OUCH" but apparently he thinks it screams "FUN."

I am hoping to get to some thank you's and room photos soon, I'm just a little overwhelmed with life at the moment. It will be soon, I promise.
& BTW: WHERE IS MY TA???? We need our girl home. Pronto.
& how 'bout that SWINE FLU thing???? Of course it would happen right now during our travel time....because everything ridiculous and completely shitty will happen on our wait. Ridiculous.


Diana said...

That drink looks pretty darn good!!!
Sounds like another FUN weekend. The pictures of W are to cute:)

Stacy said...

I just started following your blog and have been enjoying it! I had to comment on your OSU tumbler. We live in Columbus and of course I have those same glasses! I'm assuming you live no where near Ohio or you wouldn't have been in a pool already! We brought our little girl home last August and it has been an awesome 7 months with our sweetie! I can't wait to see your daughter in your arms. Such an AWESOME experience!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Drinks look yummy and the pool looks sooo relaxing..
I can't believe you would eat that
Love W in the pool..
Your TA will be here soon..
can't wait to see E's room and the goodies..
Glad you had a great weekend..

Special K said...

Glad to see my glasses are being put to good use. LOL! My mouth is watering just listening to that drink recipe. And then you mention burgers, too. Oh man...

Love the W action shots.

Liene said...

I wish I had a pool or hot tub. Craziness is in full swing and I need a place where I can go unwind.

Looks like you had a good weekend on the mainland. The drink looks yummy but I can do without the OSU tumblers (that's Big 10 rivalry for you - Indiana University alum here).

Hopefully TA will come soon. We're still waiting on ours but we're slated to travel the 4th-18th of June. Hopefully this stupid "Swine Flu" will be contained.

Shari U said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! The house in Georgia? You should definitely buy it. You look right at home in that kitchen and look at all the room Miss Emerson and her brothers would have for chasing each other around. I hope you get your TA soon, it seems like it's about time for you to go get that girl!!

sandra said...

That cocktail looks mighty tasty!!!
And a little swine flu is not going to stop you from getting your girl. We traveled during the heighth of SARS and even though it was scary, we would have done anything to get Jazzie home and I know you will, too :-)

Jboo said...

Looks like fun and your little W guy is adorable! He (and your other two) are going to be great big brothers!

Don't worry about that flu thing. We were in China just before the SARS shutdown and wondered why everyone else had face masks on at the airport on the way home.

Hoping for a speedy TA and travel for you.


Marla said...

Mmmmm, burgers, dogs and rainbow-colored drinks, now that sounds like my kind of weekend.

Love the action shots of W! :)

elisa said...

I too noticed the cup! Go Bucks!

My little peanut has an OSU shirt waiting for her!

cougchick said...

Man, What I wouldn't give for a dip in the pool and a fancy schmanzy drink.
That W is just the cutest. Smooch-worthy, for sure!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

That drink looks right up my ally! I'm NOT a beer girl but fruity foo foo drinks, I can do.. LOL

Ouch to those Hep shots..

Double Ouch to those pool entries!! Make my stomach hurt just to look at those pictures.

Lovin the fro though!

Alyson and Ford said...

We love going to the pool with AA (note that we have to drive to a pool!). Great photos! Can't wait until you know more about your travel!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Months!

PIPO said...'ll be fine! (I just bet on it).

Heh, think I need to get out more or what?

Looks like you are burning time in a good way until your baby girl comes home.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your rainbow colored drink looks so good right now!! Sunday night I whipped up my first batch of margaritas to drink on the had reached 90 degrees and that seemed like the perfect drink to cool us off:)

I love those photos of W jumping into the pool....he is so cute!!


kris said...

I agree, W is definitely SMOOCH worthy :O) His moves are cracking me up- my nephews are just as wild in the pool. Where IS your TA dang it??!! I want Emerson to be home lounging by the pool with you guys!! Does it help that my word verification is "skies"???? ... maybe it's on the way... one can hope...