Monday, April 20, 2009

beach & shopping or eh....complaints?

Nothing beats blue sunny skies....or building sandcastles.
Our island kids spend hours looking for treasures....
& sometimes they bring back more than crabs.

Weston is in love with the Cooper dog.
He's one cool dog & he's cute!

The clowns of our group. They keep life fun & exciting!

W can swim without a life vest, but when I'm feeling lazy & preoccupied by the people, the drinks & the conversations, I make him keep it on. Cole fell in a pool once when he was a baby while at a 3 year old birthday party for G. There were 20 adults standing around the pool, but only Dad saw him go in and jumped in after him. So since then, if I am not in the pool with them, they have to suit up because I can't handle the stress & it's so easy to be distracted by others.
Nothing ends the night better than a *pink drink*!

Sunday we had to take care of a few *important* issues like this....

& this....because I have longed to buy pink chucks since the birth of son #1.
It was a must.
AND I'd like to file a consumer complaint to the makers of girl clothing.
I have waited 13 years to buy some girl clothes. I always thought the boys were getting the shaft, but Sunday's shopping trip proved to me that there is a serious need for cool chic clothing.
I had one mission: To find a pair of pajamas that would fit my girl to take to China that did not have a ladybug or piece of fruit on it. We were at the outlets & the following stores helped to fail that mission terribly....
T0mmy Hilfinger
The Baby G.O.P
Carders (I did snag a cute bathing suit with swim shirt here though)
Ralph the Horse
Gymbobee (In all fairness, I did find some here, but thought I could do better)
That Kids Place
I walked away with one pair of pj's....that are to big for her right now.
I had someone remind me to check out H Anderson & I thought...yeah....! They have soft stuff, they've gotta have something....
& sure enough, the first set of pj's I clicked on was this.
Seriously folks, what's up with all the ladybugs & fruit on clothes????


Snowflowers Mum said...

I don't know about jammies, but there are tonnes of cool girls stuff out there...look, while everyone else had their kid in stars and stripes at the US Consulate in China, my kids were wearing a Ramones tshirt with jeans and zebra converse, the older sis was in a pixies tshirt and a rockin denim mini - rage against the ladybugs!

I particularly love Sandbox threads for political tshirts and great quality t's. I like Matilda Jane for fancy, mini boden is also cool beans. My girls live in punk tshirts.

Good Luck on the jammie front...try Old Navy, they have some decent ones.

TimandKim said...

Remember to get the jammies in a size larger at least. They fit so tight. I don't know they expect kids to breath in these jammies.

I was just at Old Navy and got my DD a pair I've been looking for forever. They were pink with giraffe print pants. The shirt said in brown letters "Sassy just like Mommy" She loves them. I love them. I had to explain to her what Sassy meant. She is totally into her "attitude" jammies.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a great time..
Love the pink lifejacket.. and the pink shoes are a PLUS.. I will be getting some of those one day..
I LOVE the peace pj's..
I like ladybugs.. on somethings... but no fruit..
Hope you find some other things..
Have a great week.
If you have time will you send me the names of the books and stuff that you have been reading.. I would like to start reading things..

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

I get most of Mali's stuff in the boy's dept - PJ's included. Fruit apparently makes the boys look too fruity - u'll never find it there.

Mali spotted a really cool pair of PJ's at M@rshall's this weekend - they had the P@ul Fr@nk monkeys all over them. No bananas.

Tawni said...



Mini Boden...

Those are my favs.

And your boys are heartbreakers -
I tell ya.

Diana said...

Love the PJs:)
Your weekend looks and sounds wonderful!!!
I would love to be able to tell you where to shop but I spend all my time in the men and boys dept:(
(except last week I did get to venture into the land of pink:)

Pug Mama said...

That has got to be the coolest dog!!!!
anyway - the kick are awesome - love them, the life jacket is adorable.
You already know how I feel about the clothing....

The Oesch Chronicles said...

Try Old Navy.. I saw some cute stuff there.

Special K said...

I e-mailed you some pj's off Ebay. Including those monkeys that Alison mentioned. Cheap (and brand new) on Ebay. :)

Love the Chucks. I'll have me some of those some day, of course. I mean.. they're PINK!

PS. I miss my husband and my brothers-in-law. And Miss Kita. Oh.. and you too. :P

PIPO said...

I'm cracking're in for a surprise in your mail. No worries - it won't blow up. nice to come here for a whiff of paradise.

Colleen said...

We have those sneaks in black... (I don't have boys and I love black!) Cute in pink tho - think i may need them...I mean, she may need them. LOL...

Lordie those are some cute and FUN pics!

I like those PJ's. Cute stuff. I have better for ya tho.

Briana's Mom said...

Hmmm, I am not really all that much of a fru fru person myself when it comes to dressing Bri. I usually dress her in cute jeans and a top. I have had luck at the Children's Pl@ce and T@rget. I also go to K@hl's. Actually, Old N@vy might have some hip stuff too.

laurie said...

Man those boys of yours get cuter every time you post their pics.

My sister buys all her 3 year old's PJs at Old N@vy

2china4S said...

Old Navy usually carries some skull and bones, cute girl stuff. I also second Ali's advice about trying the boy's section. The Chucks bring back memories. Our daughter recently outgrew her pink ones. The husband thinks she must have another pink pair, to offset the black ones.

You are a good mama, our daughter's PFDs are both blue. I can do pink clothing and accessories, but not the wetsuit or PFD. Must be an illness.

Can't wait to see all the cool stuff Emerson is going to be sporting in China.

3 Peanuts said...

Old Navy does have Cute pj's...Miss Kate is into night gowns and I buy Sarah's prints on-line. they are VERY expensive but I only buy them on rock bottom sale and then stock up! So soft and cute! No ladybugs or fruit...I promise!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What great beach pictures....looks like you all had a wonderful weekend of fun in the sun!!

That pink drink is calling my name:)

You and I have already chatted about the for pj's, I would say old n@vy or baby g@p.


Angela said...

Found some cute non-fruit, no ladybug P.j.s

try these sites:


Colleen said...

You are cracking me up about the! I get most of Faith's clothes at Navy, G@p, T@rget, and K@hls. The pjs you found are adorable! Faith has the same pink shoes and she loves them.
Happy shopping for your girl!!!

Michal said...

This is exactly why my daughter's wardrobe is about 25% "boy's". Seriously- try to find a pink shirt with a robot on it- I dare you.....

Laura said...

Old Navy is great for jammies. They have a ton to choose from. I don't think we have any with bugs or fruit.
Love the shoes!

Liene said...

My SIL sent me some Gymbo pj's that have ice cream on them. But I agree with others that Old N@vy is the place to look for PJ's.

Love the pink shoes! Too cute! I knew Special K would love them.

kris said...

send me your address. i can HOOK YOU UP.

my sister is the QUEEN OF THE JAMMY.


you have no idea.

no idea.

get on it. need your address.

kris said...

and size. size you want.

Ellie said...

I think the more important question is: what is with the $40 pjs?

American Apparel has some plain, but cute, kids stuff. G_P had jams that said, "If The Tiara Fits" - too cute!

I love the life jacket. Nothing better or more therapeutic than life on the water!

Heza Hekele said...

I thought ladybugs meant good luck?